Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Walking the Essex way. Christmas memories

Good morning World!
Hope this day will be full of happiness to you all.
We are going towards Christmas and it means lots of preparation for the one day of the year when we gather together with the family, exchange tokens,eat and be merry!!!
I have started my baking and it already smells like Christmas, I hate the shopping side the crowds! But I do love being in the kitchen measuring and making all the goodies that my family and friends love, it takes me back to the Island and the old Homestead!
Building the Christmas Grotto and the scent of spices permeating through the house, us children seating at the kitchen table rolling little balls of dough.
And before you know it! Christmas day has arrived, all the excitement and of course hopping that Father Christmas has found our house....
Then breakfast is served! Bread rolls with ham and cheese hot chocolate too! Papa used to cut oranges in segments from our own trees and offered to each one of us it was so special that I like to keep the tradition going in memory of Papa.
And then lunch! Marinated leg of pork in red wine, bayleaf and garlic. Then cooked on a bed of onion and tomato. Once again I can smell the aromas coming from the kitchen! Yes that's just how my house smells on Christmas day.
I like to keep the tradition going.
I hope I have not bored you all my friends with my nostalgic memories.

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