Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Walking the Essex way

At long last I had my walk met up with my friend Paula at 6 and we walked to the lake hopping to see the cygnets, but the swans were on their own....They looked so sad, at least that's what it looked like... The sun was high and the clouds were reflecting in the water, as we walked on we came across a woodpecker feeding its young and an owl on a post, but unfortunally my pictures of the owl weren't on focus.

We left the Lake and carried on towards the woods, but we walked on at the edge by the woods looking for insects and hopping that we would come across orchids, last year we found quite a few on this stretch of the field.

We did find some but not as many as last year, this time only two, the insects were buzzing but not so easy to photograph, but we did manage to capture on film one or two. Tomorrow we are not walking...looking forward to Thursday hope its going to be dry...
Clouds reflecting in the water

Swans in the mist

Green woodpecker

A wasp parasite I think!

Wild orchid

Blue buterfly

small tortoseshell

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