Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Walking the Essex way

Spent a so so day yesterday! No walking Paula decided to stay in and work on her book she's on a deadline. I feel that I have missed on something, walking is what gets me through the day! I come back from a good walk energized.
So instead of the walk I decide to do a little gardening, when am getting into it.... The phone starts ringing so I ran indoors and its Sis, asking could I drive her to the garden center she wants to buy some plants and compost....So an hour later am back home and in the garden once again, did a little pruning picked some veggies for dinner and cooked a meal for hubby as he had to go to work, his retired really! But he has a little part time job just to keep the little grey cells busy.

Now on my own, and then the heavens opened up can't work in garden! Feeling restless I decide to bake a cake, my daughter and my little darling are coming round and Jennifer keeps asking for orange and chocolate cake. So cake done! it'll be a nice surprise for when they get here I don't make cakes that often this day's. When the girls lived at home I used to bake at least once a week but now its only hubby and I. He is diabetic so he cannot eat much cake, and I should not eat cake am trying to loose weight, LOL its a struggle since I gave up smoking three years ago I have gained 12 kgrms now I feel like a porker....Had to give in and buy bigger cloths had to go to one size up and that kills me... So now am being strong and I have cut most carbohydrates from my diet so far I have lost three kgrms...

Anyway less of me and more of our glorious countryside as I said, we did not walk yesterday and today has gone by the wayside too! looks very wet out, but the sun is trying to come through the garden looks as if its been brushed and polished its shining like a new pin. I love walking through the fields after it has rained, love the smell of freshness that emanates from the ground....This time of the year we have the blackberries, damsons and crab apples, even eating apples growing on forgotten old orchards, there is a profusion of produce on Gods ladder, Paula and I day do a little free shopping and we stock up on preserves for the winter...That is!  Paula helps me picking the fruit and I do the preserving, of course I share with her.... Have to go now! we will talk again soon...

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