Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Walking the Essex way

Yesterday woke up to a very misty morning, met up with my friend and this time we take the footpath just down the road....It feels strange we are only in August but it has the feel of Autumn.
We walk on to the Path that used to take us to the old airfield, we loved walking there, the trees and the wild flowers where we took many a photograph, but the trees have been cut down and somehow the wild flowers are not growing as much....So we walk on, spider webs everywhere! Then we spot a few Canadian geese in the field surrounded by mist, as am trying to focus on them Paula waves at me becoming and there on the left there was a sea of them all feeding on the grain that was left behind after the harvest of the wheat. It was an amazing sight!

After taking so many photos we walk on, and take the path by the Rivenhall house, we hear the cry of the buzzards but they kept well hidden so no photographs there! Before we take the path to go back home we take a peak at the American lake, its so called because during the second war apparently an American soldier died there while swimming! The lake is owned by a fishing society and they don'tlike people walking their dogs there, because they jump in the water and disturb the fish and the fisherman. That's the reason for the private notice sign..... We came across the bailiff and we were telling him that we loved taking pictures at the lake and that we were sad about the forbidden sign, so glad we spoken to him we walked home with a smile on our faces....We are camera walkers and not dog walkers so we wont be disturbing the fish or the fisherman. Phew!!!
Thank you Mr Bailiff...


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