Friday, 4 August 2017

Walking the Essex way

Woke up a little late yesterday, Usually I meet up with my friend Paula at 6am, so by the time we met up it was 6.45 still early I know! We walk to the lake its a lovely spot to see the sunrise, and our friends the swans our always there to greet us, this year they were able to keep all their cygnets.
From there we walk through the ripening wheat on both sides of the footpath. We are always on the lookout for insects or if we are lucky, a deer the other day we had just that!  A deer that run right by us but we were in such amazement that we forgot to click our cameras lol. Then we saw them in the middle of a field of wheat, We were still able to take a lovely picture we came home feeling happy.

As we walk on we come by the woods we like to explore the woods and that's what we do, as we walk through the trees I;E Hazelwood's all we can hear is the crunching of the dried twigs, I love the mosses and fungi that we came across, so we spend a little time on our knees trying to photograph this delicate fungus, hahaa can you imagine me! A 67 year old women crawling through the woods....No I never imagined it either...

The butterfly's are amazing too, nature never ceases  to amaze me. Gods creation here for us all to enjoy....On this amazing walk we came across five species of Butterfly's and we were lucky enough to capture a dragonfly, I mean on film! We get so excited that sometimes I find myself holding my breath, hopping that they won't fly away before I take a photo.
So far it has been a good year we have had some memorable moments and photos too....The hedges are full of berries its jam making season, loads of fruit out there I have picked the blackberries and the wild plumes. Now waiting for the damsons looks like its a good year for fruit...

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