Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Walking the Essex way

Am still walking through the countryside, at this time of the year its wonderful to witness the waking  of the hedgerows the blossom and the scent at times quite intoxicating! My friend and I like to change our route some days we are lucky enough to see the odd deer, oh! and the amazing hares. Kestrel and Buzzards too! although am not very good at photographing them I joke with my friend that if they are moving I won't even attempt I get so excited that my hand just won't stay still lol.

Anyway on our walk this week we are starting to see the odd insect, I must say there has been a decline of insects for the last couple of years less bees too! My friend and I have commented that there has been a decline on Butterfly's we used to see them all over but these day's not so many, was wondering if its due to the climate or even pesticides.

 I get so much pleasure walking that when I miss a walk I feel that something is missing, I've been having a bit of trouble with my right foot they call it Planter Fasciitis but am still going out walking even though by the time I get home I am in pain so out come the painkillers :-(
Then I go in the garden and do a little maintenance at this time of the year everything is looking fresh and healthy that's another thing that I love my garden! I could not live without my plants and the birds that wake me up in the morning with their song, at times its like a symphony. I am a happy bunny....

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