Friday, 24 May 2019

Walking the Essex way

Paula and I had another great walk this morning, we walked past the old airfield towards the man made lakes.
We like to walk as soon its light everything looks fresh and the landscape around the lakes looks so alien almost Jurassic with the fallen trees with roots on show, we like going through to the edge of the lake and at times we have to crawl through because of the dense vegetation we always arrive home looking a mess with muddy trouser and hair looking like we had been pushed through a hedge backwards! Of course the geese were there, but I still managed to miss them when they took off, LOL if my camera was a gun and I was hunting for food I would starve!
Anyway another walk done now looking forward to the next walk and another adventure like my friends tells me when I complain that there is too many nettles or that perhaps we deviate from the footpath.


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