Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Walking the Essex way

Yesterday My friend and I walked towards the gravel works on the hunt for insects butterfly's and the like it was very wet, half way through our walk our trouser's were soaked but like true hunters we just kept going to the lake the swans were there swimming happily with their new family we seat there for a few minutes mesmerized, so lovely!
So we move on, the sun starts peaking through the cloud, and soon I see a blue butterfly so dainty and then there were two on the grasses we get so excited and soon we were on our knees on the wet grass snapping our cameras.  Now we can go home wet but happy, not only did we found the blue butterfly we also snapped a few other insects not many about as yet.
I joke with my friend that I cannot photograph anything that moves! But yesterday I managed to capture on film a few birds too!

so so happy.   

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