Friday, 23 April 2021


 Walking through the countryside at this time of the year you sure to find the much hated sun-like flower  the dandelion. Gardner's hate the so called weed but at this time of the year when not much is growing this double headed flower brightens the countryside like a beacon of sunlight.

Remember as a child picking the seed heads and blowing to the wind and watching the parachute like, little seeds being carried by the wind so helping the plant to disperse its seeds.

Wild flowers are just as beautiful as the plants that one plants in the garden and they have benefits too! Like the leaves when young can be eaten in salads they have a high content in vitamin A and C. Also in the old days dandelion drinks and broths were recommended for a variety of ailments, from jaundice to consumption, also have read that wine can be made from the florets, and the roots when dried and ground could be used as a coffee substitute.

A weed!  yes.... but so much more and its does not damage your loan  just feeds it

Friday, 26 March 2021

Just one more walk


Today am taking a break, so not walking through the fields and the footpaths my favorite place to be. The countryside is awakening the primroses dog violets are growing in profusion through the countryside.

On Wednesday did a walk to Cressing all Saints Church the daffs and primrose looked so beautiful around the Church. 

The civil parish of Cressing has within it the villages of Cressing and Tye Green plus the Hamlet of Hawbush Green. Cressing Parish contains a number of presumed Villa sites along the west and east sides of the Brain valley.

In the village of Cressing archaeological investigations in the medieval All Saints Church and Churchyard have been identified evidence of a late Iron Age settlement and Roman remains. The Church was built upon the site of earlier structures, likely to be from Late Saxon to Saxo-Norman

Following the Norman Conquest in 1066 lands in Cressing Parish were in the hands of a variety of individuals including the King and Count Eustace. The place names dates from at least 1136 and is thought to derive from the presence of ditches and brooks noted for the presence of watercress.

Parts of Cressing became the centre of an estate belonging to the order of the knights Templar (The Templars) which was granted to them by Queen Matildain 1137. The Witham church estates which probably included parts of Cressing were granted by King Stephen 1135-54 to the Canons of ST Martins London.

Just love living here surrounded by so much history. Surprising how much one can learn.


Wednesday, 27 January 2021

 Walking the Essex way in lockdown.

Still in lockdown and things still don't look very good! I hate listening to the news it all sounds so dreadful all this people dying! 

When are we going to hear some good news? While am walking at least for a couple of hours, I feel relaxed the sound of the countryside is so soothing the bird song, even the traffic that at one time disturbed the peaceful countryside but now it feels normal like life is happening, but then you come home and the television is on and hubby is watching the breakfast news and it all comes crushing down on you that we are living a nightmare.

Saturday, 23 January 2021

 Walking the Essex Way

We all have been living under this cloud of uncertainty, our lives being put on hold I wonder how much i can cope with this nightmare. This time of the year we find ourselves in Madeira, but now we are stuck in lockdown not able to see family and friends I miss my girls and my little darling miss the hugs.

Thank goodness for the countryside! My walks in the morning keeps me going, I used to walk with my friend Paula but now I find myself roaming the countryside on my own! At least for a couple of hours I don't think or worry how sick our world is.

Hubby has had the vaccine on Tuesday now he'll have to wait for the second jab. I'll have to wait for mine I wonder when that will be! 

Looks very cold was my intension to go on one of my walks but this morning I just could not motivate myself .....

Monday, 13 July 2020

I have been feeling a little low this week tierd of this inactivity of this 21st century plague and the dos and don'ts!
Am worried about my family's health miss hugging them😥 missed my walks this week! Walking keeps me sane.
I just cannot stop myself wondering how much one can cope, with all this uncertainty!
Every day when I wake up I am grateful for another day and am glad that I, and my family have been safe until now, thanks to those hard working nurses and doctors that are fighting an invisible enemy.
I know that i and my family have been safe and am not living on my own and I should be grateful but I cannot help thinking how long for?
I have come across this little poem quite apt for the times that we are going through.
When you are in need of treatment or of special care
You're thankful for the doctors and the nurses who are there-to help you and to heal you, but when once the end's in view-how quickly you forget the debt and
What's been done for you.
You're glad, of course, to leave them-to be well and free again-but don't forget they-re left behind to fight disease and pain
Thank God there are those who choose this thankless work to do.
Remember and be grateful for their services to you.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

We are living in uncertain times.
Not everyday is a good day
But we have to live anyway.
Not everyone tells the truth
Thrust anyway
Not everyone will love you back
So love anyway.
Not every game will be fair
But one must play anyway.

One must believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Walking the Essex way during lockdown

We have been in lockdown since our arrival in our little corner of Essex from the Homeland in early March. Perhaps we should've stayed there in my Island in the middle of the Atlantic!! Madeira has had a few infections but no one has died so perhaps we made a mistake coming back home to Essex, but then I would've been to far away from my girls so we made the best decision for us.
 It has been a struggle I miss my girls and my little darling, although now we are able to get together as long we keep two meters apart I feel that am missing on cuddles and to feel my arms around my girls that is what am missing the most the closeness.

My eldest daughter is finding it very hard to be stuck at home and having to school her daughter, she misses visiting us and seing her friends like everyone else I know! My  granddaughter she's such a live wire, full of life and her favorite past time is playing outside she loves kicking a ball around. being stuck indoors is a nightmare for them both. Lucky for them her husband went back to work three weeks into the lockdown it probably saved their marriage.
I am worried what all of this is doing to their mental health.

Then my other daughter has been in lockedown with her boyfriend to start with they were ok! But it goes to show that to watch to much news can harm your train of thought! Reality becomes unfocused  in the end one dosn't know whom or what you believe....I can see that my daughter is under stress because her boyfriend has been reading about this conspiracy,
 that the goverment is trying to kill us all with this vaccine that has not yet been made! He does not believe in vaccines and its making my daughter depressed having to hear him going on about all of that crap

Being a mother is not easy even though my girls are grown women I still worry about how they are. When I phone them I can hear by the tone of their voices how they are feeling and my heart sinks! Leaving me spent with frustration knowing that I cannot solve their problems.
I remember my mother telling us that no mater how old you are that a mother always will worry about their children grown or otherwise, and boy was she right.

What is keeping me sane is to be able to walk through the countryside.
Keep safe.