Friday, 21 April 2017

Walking the Essex way

I feel that I am very lucky to live in this lovely corner of Essex.... My little corner of paradise with the beautiful countryside right by my doorstep....
The countryside is humming with life, the birds dashing in and out of nests feeding their young or building their nests, the trees being dressed with their green clothing. And the hedges bursting with buds.... The blue bells in the woods Early purple orchids and many more!

Nature never ceases to amaze me... This week my friend and I walked to the woods and there we found a carpet of blue bells, Anemones, primrose and the beautiful purple orchid.... I was enthralled by all that nature was offering it even gave me Goosebumps. I felt like Alice in wonderland....Oh my oh my....


Saturday, 8 April 2017

(((Madeira))) plus walking the Essex way

Been back from the Homeland three weeks now! I loved being there and had a really good time with friends coming to visit it was as if I had never left home, but with a different scenery.

We took our friends sight seeing to Pico Ruivo  we even had a walk down the path so that we could take our photos it was a lovely day, my friend Paula loved the mountains, quite a different terrain that we are used to, from there Hubby drove to Ribeiro frio where we stopped for lunch of course it had to be a picnic surrounded by trees. And the last stop was a walk to Balcons miradouro, and then home.

It would've been nice to walk a little farther but I was a little worried just in case I had trouble getting back after all my foot is still adjusting to the walking. Now I am back home and making great progress, foot is getting stronger having resumed my walking through our beautiful footpaths, and the countryside is beautiful  spring is on its way...