Thursday, 27 February 2020

My Madeira

The family have gone back home now! It was a hectic 10 days my little darling is a live wire, and although I loved having them here I was happy to have a little peace when they went back home!
I have one more week and I too will be going back to my little house in Essex way! 
I have missed the Essex countryside the walks with my friend Paula...
My brother and his wife Nanda also came to Madeira for a little holiday they live in the Mainland! 
Last time I saw them was when I visited two years ago in Estoril! Don't have a lot of family left in Madeira apart from one of my younger brothers but he has his life full plenty of friends so not much time for his sister am afraid! I did say to him that I am always here if he wants to visit, but he only comes to see me if I invite him LOL.

Then there is my Niece for some reason she distanced herself from the family I feel sad for that! Of course there is the cousins it is so lovely to stay in tough.

We were such a happy family or so I thought! And then we have the misfortune of losing our younger sister to Motor newronne disease such a nightmare! For some reason some members of the family stopped talking to each other I included and the worst bit was not knowing why, it broke my heart and for a long time i have shed many tears. Another tragedy happened in our family once again! My niece Sophie lost her beautiful boy Fabian to cancer he was only 21 years old and although it was a very sad day I think that it has repaired our broken family! I have my fingers crossed....

Not feeling well in Madeira

3.30 am now! And i have been up since two, thought I better get up just could not stop coughing at least hubby can have some sleep lol!!!
Have had this sore throat for the best part of the week now! and it does not seem to be any better have been drinking hot lemon with honey but its not shifting.  

Saturday, 8 February 2020

My Madeira

A few more days and my little darling will be here with us, have missed you all!
Two months is a long time to be away from my girls although it is nice to be back in the Homeland  the weather has been a little to hot for my liking, we come to Madeira in the supposedly winter months because I like the cooler temperatures but not this time we have had sun non stop for Feb its been 26 for me its a little too hot but hubby is lapping it up he loves going to the beach as soon the sun is up he is there! Well I like the shade and a good book amd am happy.
I do miss my little house in Essex way and the walks through the countryside but soon I'll be back and once again roaming the footpaths of Essex.
I must say I have had a few walks here and the Levadas are amazing with great views too!
But I still miss my Essex my girls my family and my friends but soon soon.