Friday, 26 March 2021

Just one more walk


Today am taking a break, so not walking through the fields and the footpaths my favorite place to be. The countryside is awakening the primroses dog violets are growing in profusion through the countryside.

On Wednesday did a walk to Cressing all Saints Church the daffs and primrose looked so beautiful around the Church. 

The civil parish of Cressing has within it the villages of Cressing and Tye Green plus the Hamlet of Hawbush Green. Cressing Parish contains a number of presumed Villa sites along the west and east sides of the Brain valley.

In the village of Cressing archaeological investigations in the medieval All Saints Church and Churchyard have been identified evidence of a late Iron Age settlement and Roman remains. The Church was built upon the site of earlier structures, likely to be from Late Saxon to Saxo-Norman

Following the Norman Conquest in 1066 lands in Cressing Parish were in the hands of a variety of individuals including the King and Count Eustace. The place names dates from at least 1136 and is thought to derive from the presence of ditches and brooks noted for the presence of watercress.

Parts of Cressing became the centre of an estate belonging to the order of the knights Templar (The Templars) which was granted to them by Queen Matildain 1137. The Witham church estates which probably included parts of Cressing were granted by King Stephen 1135-54 to the Canons of ST Martins London.

Just love living here surrounded by so much history. Surprising how much one can learn.