Sunday, 10 May 2020

Walking the Essex way

Hubby and I have been in lockdown since we arrived back from the Homeland on the 6th of March and it has been ok really!
Although the only thing that is missing and making me sad is that we are not able to see my girls really miss the hugs and it has been so long since I gave a hug to my cheeky little darling she's growing so fast.
Hubby has been keeping himself busy decorating the house over the years I'd been asking him to decorate and he kept putting it off so now that we have been stuck indoors he has at least found something to keep busy. So now I have nice clean shining house
Well you might ask about me? what I have been doing! After my walk in the morning through the countryside best time of the day no one about everything looks shiny like a new canvas! If am lucky I might get a glimpse of a deer or even manage to snap my camera in time before it takes off, and the hare's running around, the bird song..... that one nearly forgets for a few moments all the troubles that are happening around the world.
But then reality hits and am afraid that we still need to be on lockdown for a few more weeks or so it seems! At least we have had some splendid weather so I was able to sort the garden did a lot of clearing...Hubby loves his BQ so for the best part of this last week we have been cooking and eating out! That is in the garden Hahah
But now the weather is on the turn I believe that cold and wet weather is on the way but one cannot complain really, we have had the best weather so far.
So my family and friends hope that we'll be together soon very soon.
Stay safe
Much love.