Monday, 13 July 2020

I have been feeling a little low this week tierd of this inactivity of this 21st century plague and the dos and don'ts!
Am worried about my family's health miss hugging them😥 missed my walks this week! Walking keeps me sane.
I just cannot stop myself wondering how much one can cope, with all this uncertainty!
Every day when I wake up I am grateful for another day and am glad that I, and my family have been safe until now, thanks to those hard working nurses and doctors that are fighting an invisible enemy.
I know that i and my family have been safe and am not living on my own and I should be grateful but I cannot help thinking how long for?
I have come across this little poem quite apt for the times that we are going through.
When you are in need of treatment or of special care
You're thankful for the doctors and the nurses who are there-to help you and to heal you, but when once the end's in view-how quickly you forget the debt and
What's been done for you.
You're glad, of course, to leave them-to be well and free again-but don't forget they-re left behind to fight disease and pain
Thank God there are those who choose this thankless work to do.
Remember and be grateful for their services to you.