Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Walking the Essexway

Yesterday was a very sad day! Our good friend Jose was buried. It was a sad moment but at the same time it was lovely to record the good times and to see old friends, Nick and Gerald whom I Love and have known since they were little boys did a great job their dad am sure would've been very proud.
My lovely sister Elsa bless her, lived and looked after Jo and she was so bereft at his going, we all have gathered her into our arms and will take great care of her.
I am very thankful that Jo's family have taken my sister to their hearts and hope they will continue to do so, she has a kind heart and she needs to be cherished! Of course, I am here for her but comes winter, like the birds I do migrate to warmer climates! she does have children and they do visit but unfortunately not as often as they should busy lives, of course, they have jobs and not leaving nearby does not help. Now that Elsa is driving again she can go visit her granddaughter Daniela and great-granddaughter Kiri I think that's what is going to keep her sane, although I do worry about her driving.
 Was hoping to go for a walk this morning but it is not going to happen God must be very sad we have tears. we have very grey skies looks like the rain is here to stay.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; Loving someone deeply gives you courage.

A few pics of our surrounding countryside of previous walks.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Walking the Essex way

I have been feeling a little blue for the past few days, but I have woken up feeling very positive.
Thank you, Paula, for the pep talk, you are right I have my girls and my little darling. My hubby and I are truly blessed.
Going walking through our beautiful countryside gives me that inner peace, I feel almost close to God.
The trees are undressing a leaf each second is flung at will and the spider web, that stays there dangling the rabbits running for cover the chirping up above, its truly a magical time of the year.