Monday, 14 April 2014


Don't know what happen but my post is all upside down...Hope you are able to make head or tail of it!!! because I can't, I think I was trying to be clever and post too many pictures but it did not work...Oh well better luck next time..


A beautiful Peacock.
Sorry don't know what species...but lovely just the same.
A view from the Quinta
Santo da Serra
Walking through the Quinta in Santo da Serra.
Sugar cane.
Sugar cane factory in Porto da Cruz
Photo taken from Pico do Facho in Machico
Hubby and I have been here for two weeks now, Madeira is where I was born and lived for eighteen years... Then at that age eighteen I went to live in Great Britain, where I have lived very happy, but of course hubby and I still gravitate to Madeira a couple time a year..
Machico first porto of call