Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Walking the Essex way

At long last I had my walk met up with my friend Paula at 6 and we walked to the lake hopping to see the cygnets, but the swans were on their own....They looked so sad, at least that's what it looked like... The sun was high and the clouds were reflecting in the water, as we walked on we came across a woodpecker feeding its young and an owl on a post, but unfortunally my pictures of the owl weren't on focus.

We left the Lake and carried on towards the woods, but we walked on at the edge by the woods looking for insects and hopping that we would come across orchids, last year we found quite a few on this stretch of the field.

We did find some but not as many as last year, this time only two, the insects were buzzing but not so easy to photograph, but we did manage to capture on film one or two. Tomorrow we are not walking...looking forward to Thursday hope its going to be dry...
Clouds reflecting in the water

Swans in the mist

Green woodpecker

A wasp parasite I think!

Wild orchid

Blue buterfly

small tortoseshell

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Walking the Essex way

I am in chock! Britain has voted to leave the Common Market! I had a feeling that was going to be the result, but non the less I was chocked ....I thought I could vote having lived here for nearly 50years but it was not the case.

So what I like to know is if am not allowed to vote! why do they send me a letter in my name asking me to vote?

And another thing, my first thought was if the pound has dropped in value what is going to happen to our savings? Again we have to wait and see....

Good luck everyone for the future yours and mine and our children....

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Walking the Essex way

Just got back from Barcelona, my first time and loved it. The weather was so so, we had a little rain but more sun! Am glad to say loved every minute,,,,
We walked everywhere apart from when we took the touring bus for the first two days, It was quite an experience, Barcelona is so beautiful....

So the day to come back home arrives and we get picked up from the hotel at 3.30am we get to the airport just before four.... four thirty we go through security had breakfast, then Mia say's hello we have a delay. She goes to try and find out and no one knows anything lol we are told to go to Ryanair window for info but that meant we had to go back into the main area....

So of we go to the main area to find out what is happening, everyone is there waiting in this long queue, and everyone was getting quite irate we were not getting the wright info, least to say we all were stuck there for 11 hours... Ryanair wasn't fourth coming with enough information...Mia asks if we were going to get vouchers for food and she was told to come back at nine with everyone...we get given a voucher for five euros that was pitiful! what they omitted to say was that we had to go back every two hours to get another, lol we only found that out from another passenger......

All of a sudden we were told that we were boarding so its a rush through security once again and this time they decide to check Mia's case so she starts panicking saying lol now an going to miss the flight,  we get to the gate and had to wait once again so I decide to go to the loo and blow me I can't open the door so I start panicking that am going to miss the plane too. So I start ponding on the door and shouting, lucky for me I was heard and got rescued.... So I run up the stairs and was relieved to see that I hadn't missed the flight....What a nightmare!


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Walking the Essex way

The walking today was aborted...I did meet up with Paula and as we took the footpath the heavens decided to open so unfortunally we headed back home, better luck tomorrow I hope!.

The weather is warming up but its very wet underfoot, yesterday  we arrived home looking like drowned rats trousers all the way up to the knees very wet indeed...Yesterday we were talking about us always getting and I was wondering if that was the reason why am suffering with a very achy knee.

I think that I may have to go visit the quack....When I get back from Barcelona... Yes I am going there for a few days with my daughter for her birthday really looking forward to it, Hubby would not go he likes to spend his holidays in the homeland< I on the other hand like to see a little more of this wonderful world that we live in....

Friday, 3 June 2016

Walking the Essex way

The weather has been pants this week but still managed to have a  few walks... Paula and I had a look at our favorite lake, hopping to see some new life and we were not disappointed, three new cygnets swimming along with the proud parents, last year they only had one and the year before they had seven lost two and were left with five..

I love watching life at the lake and in general the countryside is one awesome place to be, I think Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons, Hope that I am able to walk the footpaths for ever that is on of my favorite past times...