Monday, 13 July 2020

I have been feeling a little low this week tierd of this inactivity of this 21st century plague and the dos and don'ts!
Am worried about my family's health miss hugging them😥 missed my walks this week! Walking keeps me sane.
I just cannot stop myself wondering how much one can cope, with all this uncertainty!
Every day when I wake up I am grateful for another day and am glad that I, and my family have been safe until now, thanks to those hard working nurses and doctors that are fighting an invisible enemy.
I know that i and my family have been safe and am not living on my own and I should be grateful but I cannot help thinking how long for?
I have come across this little poem quite apt for the times that we are going through.
When you are in need of treatment or of special care
You're thankful for the doctors and the nurses who are there-to help you and to heal you, but when once the end's in view-how quickly you forget the debt and
What's been done for you.
You're glad, of course, to leave them-to be well and free again-but don't forget they-re left behind to fight disease and pain
Thank God there are those who choose this thankless work to do.
Remember and be grateful for their services to you.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

We are living in uncertain times.
Not everyday is a good day
But we have to live anyway.
Not everyone tells the truth
Thrust anyway
Not everyone will love you back
So love anyway.
Not every game will be fair
But one must play anyway.

One must believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Walking the Essex way during lockdown

We have been in lockdown since our arrival in our little corner of Essex from the Homeland in early March. Perhaps we should've stayed there in my Island in the middle of the Atlantic!! Madeira has had a few infections but no one has died so perhaps we made a mistake coming back home to Essex, but then I would've been to far away from my girls so we made the best decision for us.
 It has been a struggle I miss my girls and my little darling, although now we are able to get together as long we keep two meters apart I feel that am missing on cuddles and to feel my arms around my girls that is what am missing the most the closeness.

My eldest daughter is finding it very hard to be stuck at home and having to school her daughter, she misses visiting us and seing her friends like everyone else I know! My  granddaughter she's such a live wire, full of life and her favorite past time is playing outside she loves kicking a ball around. being stuck indoors is a nightmare for them both. Lucky for them her husband went back to work three weeks into the lockdown it probably saved their marriage.
I am worried what all of this is doing to their mental health.

Then my other daughter has been in lockedown with her boyfriend to start with they were ok! But it goes to show that to watch to much news can harm your train of thought! Reality becomes unfocused  in the end one dosn't know whom or what you believe....I can see that my daughter is under stress because her boyfriend has been reading about this conspiracy,
 that the goverment is trying to kill us all with this vaccine that has not yet been made! He does not believe in vaccines and its making my daughter depressed having to hear him going on about all of that crap

Being a mother is not easy even though my girls are grown women I still worry about how they are. When I phone them I can hear by the tone of their voices how they are feeling and my heart sinks! Leaving me spent with frustration knowing that I cannot solve their problems.
I remember my mother telling us that no mater how old you are that a mother always will worry about their children grown or otherwise, and boy was she right.

What is keeping me sane is to be able to walk through the countryside.
Keep safe.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Walking the Essex way

Hubby and I have been in lockdown since we arrived back from the Homeland on the 6th of March and it has been ok really!
Although the only thing that is missing and making me sad is that we are not able to see my girls really miss the hugs and it has been so long since I gave a hug to my cheeky little darling she's growing so fast.
Hubby has been keeping himself busy decorating the house over the years I'd been asking him to decorate and he kept putting it off so now that we have been stuck indoors he has at least found something to keep busy. So now I have nice clean shining house
Well you might ask about me? what I have been doing! After my walk in the morning through the countryside best time of the day no one about everything looks shiny like a new canvas! If am lucky I might get a glimpse of a deer or even manage to snap my camera in time before it takes off, and the hare's running around, the bird song..... that one nearly forgets for a few moments all the troubles that are happening around the world.
But then reality hits and am afraid that we still need to be on lockdown for a few more weeks or so it seems! At least we have had some splendid weather so I was able to sort the garden did a lot of clearing...Hubby loves his BQ so for the best part of this last week we have been cooking and eating out! That is in the garden Hahah
But now the weather is on the turn I believe that cold and wet weather is on the way but one cannot complain really, we have had the best weather so far.
So my family and friends hope that we'll be together soon very soon.
Stay safe
Much love.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Walking the Essex way

As we all know we are going through a very difficult time!
Family's being kept apart and not able to see friends up close! Today am afraid that am feeling a little sorry for myself!
I woke up with this heavy load on my shoulders! Love the outdoors but today could not motivate myself to go on one of my walks I feel like we are on a dark tunnel looking for that elusive light!

The news that are on at all times is so depressing and even though Hubby and I have isolated ourselves I still don't feel safe, I fear for my girls are they safe? My little darling I have not seen her for such a long time and it hurts so much.

Sunday I had a walk to bradwell to the woods, hoping to see the blue bells and what a sight awaited me, that made my day I came home energized and feeling quite positive!
And yesterday! I walked all the way to the All Saint's Church at Cressing the yellow of the rape felt like a ray of hope that all is going to be well....

But today things don't look so good at least not for me! Am hoping that as the day goes on that i'll feel a bit more like my old self.

Take care
stay safe
stay at home
A virtual hug to you all.

Blue bells

Blue bell wood

Friday, 10 April 2020

Walking the Essex way

Am running out of ideas I do my walks, cook breakfast for hubby clean the house cook dinner and do a little gardening, potting up or trying to since I have run out of flower pots lol.
I have plants that need bigger pots, but garden centers are closed so no can do!
I did ask my next door neighbour if he had any empty flower pots that he did not need in desperation! But bless him he only had a couple I have been emptying the flower pots that did not look so good, but I cannot bring myself to discard them until am sure that they are dead! If they have a bit of green they still have a chance to pull through.
Today its going to be something on the same lines same old same old!!! minus the walk.
I have been up since 4am I can feel that its going to be a long day the only good thing about it is going to be nice and warm.
It's Easter weekend but it feels strange not having family round! No laughter no hugs no set dinner table with all the finery!!!
Feeling sorry for myself? You bet! I want my life back I want to be surrounded by my family and friends I miss my little darling my daughters miss you all so much I need hugs........
Happy Easter to you all and lets hope that soon we will be reunited with our loved ones but in the mean time..
Stay safe and stay at home.
Hugs from us here at Essex way

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Walking the Essex way

Hope you not too bored! I know this is a nightmare that we are going through,but keep faith that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.
On a day like this with beautiful sunshine! it is hard to believe that our world is so sick that a lot of people are losing their lives!!!! Family's not able to say a proper goodbye to their loved ones my heart goes to them!
Our NHS are doing a brilliant job, and I for one feel that myself and my family are very grateful for the work that the brave nurses and Doctor's are doing! This terrible virus that is ahead of us all!!! We all have a job to do! Stay home!
A big thank you to all the nurses, doctors and everyone that is out there making sure that we are all safe.
And for the rest of us it is our duty to stay home to make sure that this awful virus gets outed.
Do take care
Stay safe

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Walking the Essex way.

Our planet is sick very sick! We must listen to the experts and stay away from crowds stay home, but they also advise that we must keep healthy and do the necessary excersie to keep body and soul together at this difficult times!
The hardest thing for me is not seeing my family and friends! My girls and my little darling! I miss you all so much my heart aches for you!
Being at home is not a hardship for me! Hubby and I do keep ourselves busy in the garden.
And of course there is the open countryside where I always have felt happy exploring with my friend Paula, unfortunately at the moment we are not walking together.
This morning I had my regular walk I am very lucky to have all of this by my doorstep no need for a car! Just walk down the road and there it is!
the countryside is looking wonderful spring at it's best.
Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday!
Stay safe

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Walking the Essex way

Have been listening to the news! Something that I never used to bother with.
But now I feel the need to know what is happening around the globe.

It is so scary this 21 century plague (((man made to be sure))) that is threatening to destroy humanity. Forget the wars that has been happening in the name of religion! This curse is much much worse, it's a silent war against our health our family's and friends.

So please do take heed and stay home to save the lives of us all, and the lives of the selfless worker The brave nurses and doctors!
That are out there fitting this terrible so that we and our family's are safe.
They are putting their lives at risk too!

Do take care do you hear!
And stay home help to save all of our lives....

Monday, 30 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

Have been listening to the news! Something that I never used to bother with! But now I feel inclined to watch and hear what is happening around the globe.
It is so scary this 21 century plague (((((man made of course)))) that is threatening to destroy humanity, Forget the wars that has been happening in the name of religion! This is much much worse it is a silent war against our health our family's....
So please do take heed and stay home to save the lives of us all, and of the selfless worker that is out there fighting the terrible disease so that we, and our family's are safe! They are putting their lives at risk too!
Do take care do you hear!!!
And stay home.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

Good morning my very sick world!
Now I am very very worried this terrible virus is really going rampant! Paula and I decided to keep our distance but walking on ones own is not much fun!

Missing you my dear friend our chats the laughter, walking with you is! was, always an adventure.
Now all I have been doing is just walk making sure I get the exercise done!

Even though the countryside is waking up the trees with their new buds, the hedges looking like a brides new gown, catching a glimpse of a skipping hare or the Roe deer always made me feel so happy to be there in the middle of our amazing countryside, having nature there for us all to enjoy! I always found great joy to be out walking feeling at one with nature!!!!

 But now I arrive back home with a heavy heart .
Do take care. 


Hawthorn flower

Follow the path

Friday, 27 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

It has been two weeks now! That hubby and I decided to stay home and isolate ourselves.
I have been out to get bits of food but not lingering, just getting the food shopping and straight home.
Now even the walking has to be on my own!
 My friend Paula and I decided that it was best to distance ourselves just in case!
Am missing my girls and my little darling so much, we do talk on the phone or messenger but am missing the hugs and the closeness..... One good thing though, the sun is shining and it makes it more bearable to be cooped up.
Hubby and I have been keeping ourselves busy working in the garden getting it ready for the summer.
I did go for my usual walk this morning albeit on my own, a little on the frosty side but with lovely blue skies.
Do take care out there.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

Have been back from the Homeland for two weeks now!!! All the talk about this terrible virus put a stop to it all!
It was wonderful to see family and friends but all I could think about am I safe? And how are my babies faring back at home in my beloved Essex. Now that am back home i find myself more or less in the same position albeit, my girls are a lot closer to me but am still not seeing them or cuddling them I feel so thorn my heart feels heavy!
Hubby and I have isolated our self's! Well he has, I still have popped round to the shop to do a bit of food shopping!
Thank goodness for the countryside being able to go for a walk with my friend Paula is keeping me sane, soon I'll start poting around in the garden getting the garden ready for the Sumner Keeping busy is key.
Take care outhere stay safe.
Virtual hug to you all.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

My Madeira

The family have gone back home now! It was a hectic 10 days my little darling is a live wire, and although I loved having them here I was happy to have a little peace when they went back home!
I have one more week and I too will be going back to my little house in Essex way! 
I have missed the Essex countryside the walks with my friend Paula...
My brother and his wife Nanda also came to Madeira for a little holiday they live in the Mainland! 
Last time I saw them was when I visited two years ago in Estoril! Don't have a lot of family left in Madeira apart from one of my younger brothers but he has his life full plenty of friends so not much time for his sister am afraid! I did say to him that I am always here if he wants to visit, but he only comes to see me if I invite him LOL.

Then there is my Niece for some reason she distanced herself from the family I feel sad for that! Of course there is the cousins it is so lovely to stay in tough.

We were such a happy family or so I thought! And then we have the misfortune of losing our younger sister to Motor newronne disease such a nightmare! For some reason some members of the family stopped talking to each other I included and the worst bit was not knowing why, it broke my heart and for a long time i have shed many tears. Another tragedy happened in our family once again! My niece Sophie lost her beautiful boy Fabian to cancer he was only 21 years old and although it was a very sad day I think that it has repaired our broken family! I have my fingers crossed....

Not feeling well in Madeira

3.30 am now! And i have been up since two, thought I better get up just could not stop coughing at least hubby can have some sleep lol!!!
Have had this sore throat for the best part of the week now! and it does not seem to be any better have been drinking hot lemon with honey but its not shifting.  

Saturday, 8 February 2020

My Madeira

A few more days and my little darling will be here with us, have missed you all!
Two months is a long time to be away from my girls although it is nice to be back in the Homeland  the weather has been a little to hot for my liking, we come to Madeira in the supposedly winter months because I like the cooler temperatures but not this time we have had sun non stop for Feb its been 26 for me its a little too hot but hubby is lapping it up he loves going to the beach as soon the sun is up he is there! Well I like the shade and a good book amd am happy.
I do miss my little house in Essex way and the walks through the countryside but soon I'll be back and once again roaming the footpaths of Essex.
I must say I have had a few walks here and the Levadas are amazing with great views too!
But I still miss my Essex my girls my family and my friends but soon soon.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

My Madeira

Woken up feeling a little better this morning, although much too early as per usual.
Yesterday we had a beautiful hot summers day!
This Island of ours likes to be different, this morning the wind is blowing don't know yet how the day is going to unfold!
Early in the week hubby and I went exploring we left the house mid morning and the sun was shining but when we reach Ribeira Brava on the way to Paul da Serra we were met with rain and a thick must so not much to see.
We were kitted out with walking boots and water proofs ready for an adventure finding new footpaths but it did not happen!
So hubby kept driving and like it often does it cleared and we did have a little walk in Fanal but because of the unsetled weather we did not go far. That is a place that we will go back hopeffuly with better weather.
From there we carry on to Ribeira da Janela where we stop to admire the view and a snack, then back in the car all the way down to the seafront I must say had never visited this village before!
Once again back in the car and we were supposed to have another stop on the way back, but by then I was feeling a little sick so we went straight home! 

In all a very pleasant day shame that I felt sick and have been under the weather for the rest of the week, but looks like that am feeling a lot better this morning! fingers cross it'll stay that way.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

MY Madeira

Yes once again I find myself here in my little corner of paradise, as my Dad used to tell us when we were children.
He used to say that we were very lucky to live here on this Island in the middle of the Atlantic that we were safe!
Of course we wondered what it would be like to live somewhere else specially when we saw the tourists speaking an alien language!
And years later we did go to other countries and settled! I for one have lived in my little corner of Essex where my girls were born and where we still live.
Of course we come to Madeira for a little stay and memories came flooding in. We still have the house were we were all born and that's where the memories are kept in every little corner and crevice of the property!
If I close my eyes I can still see, hear us laughing hear the music, my lovely funny Dad teaching us sounds and there presto! we had a home made orchestra! So much fun so many memories of a privileged childhood.
Yes indeed my lovely Dad was right we did live in a little corner of Paradise! My Madeira has changed but it still holds its magic.
Take care out there!
Hugs from across the Atlantic.