Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Covid and my husband

 Covid and my husband is a bad combination! this virus is making my life a misery my old boy gets so angry when he hears the news about all this testing that one has to do if you need to go travelling. We both have had our two jabs and he was hopping to go to the Island to visit his brother his only living relative but this testing that you are expected to do not once but three times and it costs a fortune its driving him crazy! Lol his becoming an angry old man. :-( 

How can one afford to go visiting family? At this rate looks like that we won't be able to ever visit my family at the Island of my birth! Don't get me wrong I love my life here and going to Madeira was lovely to visit my family and the lovely friends that I've made along the way..... I must say I had decided that this year I was not going to go to the Island but hubby wants to go visit his only brother but having to pay for the said tests is driving him crazy and in turn making my life a misery. 

Unlike him I have most of my family here in the UK so staying here on this beautiful Island that I call home is not much of a hardship. Living in a little corner of Essex and not watching too much news one can pretend that all is well, and the countryside is a good place to forget the worries of our very sick world. Love going for long walks in the mornings best time of the day everything looks shiny with the morning dew there, in the middle of the countryside the worries of this terrible disease can for a few hours be forgotten well almost!