Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Walking the Essex way

Yesterday my friend and I walked to our favorite lake on a misty and frosty morning! First walk after Christmas and I really enjoyed the walk.... It was very atmospheric with the mist surrounding the lake.
Unfortunally it was to much for my friend, she had been nursing a cold all through Christmas and shes not walking today!!...I was hopping for another walk....I think I will go on my own, I could not sleep and have been awake since 2am so I need to clear my head....

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Christmas memory.

All that work! And its all over, Christmas is always something to look forward to, the gathering of family and friends, exchanging tokens of affection, the excitement of opening presents....The preparation of sweet things and the Christmas Lunch!!!

Now its only a memory! Did it really happen! Or is it a sweet memory of great times that hopefully our children and grandchildren will remember as I do with found memories.
of the laughter that I can still hear of all those past Christmas, of family getting together and that warm feeling of togetherness of belonging, feeling that we were loved.

I do try to keep that tradition alive, December is a month that takes me back to those happy times, of growing up in a home full of music and much love. Now Away from my Madeira and my dear parents long gone..
I hopped that my siblings and I would keep together and take it where our parents left of, but unfortunally it was not to be...My heart feels heavy with sadness. But I am lucky enough I do have my daughters and my little darling for me to love and be loved...

Happy New Year to you all

Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Christmas memorie

December for me is a month of nostalgia! It takes me back to my childhood. My little house in Essex way is smelling just like the house of my early years in my Madeira, the house that I and my siblings grew up, the scent of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg and black treacle, permeates the whole house.

I can just see my Mama baking all the goodies for Christmas, first the cookies, I remember we had to help, rolling little balls ready to go in the oven, then came the cakes mama measuring the ingredients into a big basin, no electric mixers like I use, she had to do it all by hand.
Once again the scent of baking, and one can smell it for miles, because every house in the neighbourhood is also baking for Christmas.

Now its my turn and it gives me a lot of pleasure, to keep the tradition going, I know that my girls and their cousins love Vavo's  cookies and it gives me great pleasure to send them to the family, a little token of a time when we all felt loved... I hold this memory in my heart locked like a precious jewel .

So now my house feels and smells just like Mamas. The house

 smells heavenly, the scent of spices so heady its intoxicating, and that's how I remember Christmas.
I hope that one day my babies will have the same similar memories.
Whishing you all a very happy December and I hope that you all have been very good, because Father Christmas is taking requests at moment..... So place your order wisely...

Sunday, 4 December 2016

London outing.

Yesterday we visited London for a launch of an Anthology a selection of short stories Published by Bridge House....My friend Paula short story was one of the selected, (((The glass slipper Company)))
I loved being there it was so interesting listening and talking to the other authors.

This is the third time that we go to these. And am so pleased for Paula, so far she has had 10 short stories published. The last one was last year  in Cafelit 5.....Paula also has written 3 novels but she's till waiting for that break which am sure won't be long.

So yesterday we got all together that is Paula Her other half Russell who is very supportive bless him. her friend Joan and I..... we all went to London for the launch, but first we had lunch in a London Pub....In all it was a great day, even though I was not feeling very well.... really I should've been tucked in bed with a hot water bottle...But am glad that I went.....

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Walking the Essex Way

Its been two weeks since Hubby and I arrived back to our little house in Essex way... The foot is getting stronger Paula and I started walking once again it had been a long time since we walked the footpaths of Essex way...So far we have done two walks and it has crippled me somewhat, but one has to persevere after all I had been sitting on my butt with my leg up for sometime.

On Saturday I went to a Christmas and food fayre with Miacarla not brilliant but it was okay, to be honest did not really find anything that I wanted except for food, bought some interesting sausages and cheese, oh and fudge it was yummy anyway it was something to do....

Today just taking it easy with Hubby... Tomorrow will be back walking really had missed my walks, so pleased that there is still so much Autumn color out there, its lovely to be back into a routine walks in the morning and then house work
Local Park

American lake. The locals call it the front pit 

it really sets me up for the day, am hopping that my feet will get stronger! Next week I'll be going to London for my friends Paula new anthology launch....Its always exciting to be there amongst all those interesting people. 

Monday, 14 November 2016


After a month's holiday in my Madeira. I find myself back in my little house in Essex way, some trees are still hanging on to their summer clothing, and its wet and getting colder, but all the same its nice to be back home, Madeira is where I was borne, but Essex is my home.

This year I found two of my cousins which I had lost touch.... I felt so emotional meeting them and their lovely families.... They say that we live in a small world, and its true, one weekend when on the beach talking to Duarte, his one of the group of friends that get together on the beach at Reis Magos at the weekend, and he mentioned the word Sao Roque, so I say that I had family on that area but unfortunally I had lost touch with them, and he asks their name so I said my uncle who is no longer with us worked on the docks, and when I tell him his name he say's that he knew him and his children.

And low and behold straightway he calls someone and asks for a phone number and after a little wile he gets my cousin phone number and he gives it to me with a smile.
I was quite emotional by then, and very nervous I call and  was answered by a female, so feeling very nervous I ask for Jose Manuel and she asks who's speaking, so I answer that I am a cousin I hear her saying to him its for you, she say's that's she's your cousin, he is so surprised saying that he did not know that he had so many cousins.

So we arrange to meet on Sunday at the restaurant in Reis Magos, they arrive bearing in mind, that I did not know them and vice versa, this is going to be hard! I am seating there and my cousin his wife and son arrive but seat outside, I did see them but not being sure I don't say anything when I see them go, having finished their coffee thinking it can't be them, I say to Duarte disappointed his not coming is he! So he say's its still early, but after a wile I phone him again his wife answers and say's that they are on the way.

It turns out they had been there already but not having recognized anyone they had gone, Am so glad that I phoned again, they were on way home so glad that they turned round and came back, straightaway he invites us to his house for lunch and when we get there his wife calls my cousin Ida so that's another cousin that I find, their Dad was my Mothers twin, thinking about it when I look at him I can see his Dad... Am so pleased that I found him. Thank you Duarte..

Thursday, 3 November 2016


This holiday has been a little different, had a lot of rest and did a lot of reading I feel that the little grey cells have been through the ringer... Have missed walking down to the promenade to see the sunrise, and the odd walk to the levada, also missed entertaining, having friends round, but it hasn't been to bad I still managed to hobble around and with hubby's help and  the help of my new friends I still managed to get down to the seafront....

Now its getting near to going home, seven more day's and I'll be seeing my babies and my little darling, I really miss them, also miss my house.
Am hopping that it won't be long for me to restart my walks through the footpaths of Essex way with my walking buddy Paula. My foot is getting better but I find that still not strong enough yet.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Yesterday had to get out of the house! So Hubby and I got in the car to go to Poiso, but we changed our minds when looking up towards the mountain we saw it covered in a thick mist, so instead we went to Porto da Cruz.... Along the way we had mist, rain and a little sunshine...
In Porto da Cruz we had lunch at the seafront, prego and a nice cool lager... We had a little walk but due to the rain and my clomping boot not easy, so we get back in the care and of we go...

We drive through Portela but did not stop it was to wet and windy, as we drive upwards the mist closes in at times quite bad. We carried on to Camacha but stopped for a must have poncho, then home.....

Sunday, 23 October 2016


Well good morning, looks like the weather has changed...Arrived in Madeira on the 12th of October to very hot weather. My girls were very happy because they wanted to relax on the seaside and my little darling Jaylee loved going to Machico for the sandy beach, now they have gone back home.
Hubby and I now are enjoying the peace, it was quite chaotic having a full house if it wasn't for my bad leg it would've been more enjoyable!  But it was lovely being together its not very often that we are all together as a family in Madeira.

Now the weather has changed its raining and very windy, I think Autumn has arrived in Madeira, am sure the locals will be pleased... They had a scorching summer and rain is really needed to quench the dry earth. Yesterday I surprised myself by walking down to the promenade to meet my new friends for a drink. Was so pleased with myself still limping but getting there slowly.
So looking forward to walking the levadas once again! Hopefully when we come back in the new year my leg will be healed... For the moment I have to be happy seeing the scenery by car....

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Broken bones

Now we have arrived to the moment when the cast is being removed. Yay! It has been a nightmare not to be out and about, missed my walks and the adventures that Paula and I have, its never dull when we go walking through the paths and fields of Essex way.
We are a bit naughty at times, when we try to venture through overgrown paths some of wish are not really a footpath at all, but that's what makes it exciting to go through to the unknown.

I remember, when we went through this dense wood, that at times we had to crawl on our knees to reach the other side, and then we arrive at this almost Jurassic lake, with very old trees laying down with the roots exposed but still alive it felt so magical.
It was on that day, that we found a handbag on the side of the lake, and Paula being a crime writer started thinking about dead bodies! Hahah... but there was no dead bodies just a bag covered in mud, someone must have thrown it in the lake, when we looked through we found credit cards and others.

So being law abiding citizens Paula phoned the police saying that we had found this bag worrying that someone might be missing ie dead! quite an imagination I know! But as I said Paula is a crime writer, so the police tells Paula to drop it off at the police station, lol It was so funny Paula walking along with this filthy bag... So we get to her house and she gets her car keys, and off we go to the police station. we hand the bag over and the policeman say's that most people would just throw it in the garbage, and he say's that the cards the would've been cancelled anyway and no one was missing....

As you can see our walks are never dull
I wonder what we will find when I am on my feet again and walking the Essex way

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Broken bones

Now am getting to the stage that even with the reading that I love, life is getting to boring, I think its because the book that I started yesterday am finding it a bore, not my type of book...
Jennifer and my little darling, came round per usual and so did Miacarla, one feels so useless to have to relay on the them for everything....Feeling sorry for myself I know!

This is the time of the year when I should start sorting the plants for the winter, like lifting them and putting them to bed protecting them from the cold winter months.
Its going to be fun giving instructions to hubby on how to, Oh joy can't wait....

Am really looking forward to having the dam thing off.
But even so, the walks will still have to wait... But there is a light and end of tunnel...


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Broken bones

It's getting near for when I'll have my life back. have felt so isolated here shut in! If it wasn't for the odd visit and my girls and my little darling I would've gone insane. Also a good supply of books has helped.... Hubby has been really good, although he does a lot of moaning when he can't find something, LOL his not a very patient of men, He complains that I have too many saucepans or too many frying pans to many baking tray's, too much food in the cupboards etc etc....

Because its that time of the year when I start putting the plants to bed for the winter, and I have been unable to walk so that's another job that he needs to do, so the moaning starts again, I have to many plant pots why do I need all of this plants! we are getting to old for this!!!! so he says..

So the only thing that is keeping me sane, is my little darling she always puts a smile on my face, I miss taking my little darling to the park and play hid and seek....Her little voice saying ((Vavo we play hide and seek)) I count you hide! And the laughter when she finds me, and Jennifer and Jaylee on the slide and the horsy like she calls it and her trying to climb the wall, this are the things that am looking forward to with great anticipation....

Still wishing I was out there walking the footpaths of Essex way...

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Broken bones

Not a good start to the day! Hubby gets breakfast, finished my cereal and reach for the coffee and then I drop the dame thing all over me and the bed, was not a happy bunny.
What a performance, bed gets stripped everything had to be washed even the quilt was so annoyed with myself.

Later in the morning Jennifer arrives with my little darling really missed her, had been five day's since last time she was here. but she did not want to come in the house she'd rather be in the garden with Vovo, once there its hard work to get her indoors.
Mia came round too... Today no time to get bored had all the family here, we all had lunch together and a lot of laughter, that's another day over, one more day closer to get cast removed.

No mishaps today, managed to have my coffee without any spillage we have another sunny day, not that it did me any good am still stuck indoors, but at least my little darling came to visit me she's a ray of sunshine bless her, also my sister Elsa popped in, plenty distractions today did not have time to get bored....Jennifer helped me to prepare soup for my dinner, had a few courgettes from the garden and a few bit of vegetables left in the fridge, ended up with a lovely cream of vegetable soup really tasty. Now everyone has gone home! Had my bowl of soup now am back reading my book.

Still dreaming of footpaths in Essex way.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Broken bones

22 day's or is it 23 day's !!! I think am losing track of time LOL I feel that am missing something...Like not to be able to walk through the fields and the lakes of Essex way.

A time of the year when the hedges and the trees start changing color, and I miss my friend and our chats, I have been doing well with my reading....Am reading such a variety of books, some not my usual genre, I have surprised myself am really enjoying the change.

Had a bad night, woke up with a very painful leg, had to take painkillers I think its lack of exercise and the muscle is letting me know that it needs to move but its going to be a while yet me thinks. Looking forward to the 5th of October when this contraption is removed from my leg...

I think I
Think too

Time seems to go so slow I have read so many books that I feel all the words racing in my head. I used to be a romance and family saga's reader, but since I broken my leg my friend brought me a variety of books so now my reading  has evolved into all sorts lets say that now I am into crime, or anything I can lay my hands on and am really enjoying the change. Some books I just cannot put down..

This week has been very quiet I have not seen my little darling,
and I won't  see her until Thursday.
Mia popped in bless her she wasn't feeling very well. She's on a weeks holiday and she wasn't very happy she said,  typical I go on a weeks holiday and I get sick. hope she gets better she's going to a convention for the weekend...

My friend Paula will be popping in later on, I really have missed our chats while walking, It'll be nice to have someone to talk other than Hubby, cannot complain to much he has been looking after me well, but he still cannot find a duster, my house needs a good dusting. LOL.
Today is going to be a good day, I won't do much reading but I think my brain could do with a rest, so that it can put all the words in order that is floating around in my head .....

Am still missing the fields at Essex way

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Broken bones

I woke up with a start its blowing a gale out, sounds very angry the wind throwing its weight about.
Sounds like its saying I am here, I am Autumn be ready for a new season...

All the flowers that I had been watering
have now been soaked with tears
and the sun you beamed on me, is now
nothing but grey clouds
my leaves are turning yellow
as they slowly fall apart, and my
heart beating with a sigh, wishing
that my garden will be colorful again.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Broken bones

!9 day's and the day starts with a lovely surprise!
My friend Paula new short story along with others in an anthology  (((The best of CafĂ© Lit))) was posted through my letter pox, Thank you Paula! really looking forward to reading it.

Another hot day, not bad for September, its a shame that I am stuck and not able to be out there enjoying and walking through the countryside, I have been making sure that I follow the advice of keeping my leg raised so that it heels quickly for when we fly to the old Homeland in a couple of weeks time, I won't be able walk on the Levadas that will be hard for me. But I am hopping that I'll be able to do short little walks fingers crossed.

Looking forward to the visit to my Madeira as a child my Dad used to tell us that we were very lucky to live in a little corner of paradise. Every time I come to my Island and visit the old homestead wish the family still owns... I remember his words like an echo as if I can still hear his voice, I do miss my childhood and my siblings...

Looking back we were indeed very lucky and fortunate to have had such an Idyllic upbringing and such loving parents in our little corner of paradise...

Now counting the day's until I can walk through the footpaths of Essex Way

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Broken bones

16 day's....Yes am still counting....My girls pop in for a bit, and Jennifer bless her left the vegetables for our dinner ready for Hubby to cook, today were having tuna steaks which Hubby cooked with my guidance it tasted really nice. Oh! also had a glass of wine, naughty me..
Now unwinding with a new book I did finish the book I was reading at last..

The weather has been amazing today a beautiful bright sunny day, a great day to be out exploring the countryside or working in the garden all the things that I love, but its not going to happen for a while yet. I know that I have to be patient and wait, but its so hard and my butt is getting numb from all this seating. I am crap using the crutches and I do try to move around, but yesterday on my way to go upstairs I take a tumble and fell of my crutches and banged my head, hubby runs to me and he say's how did that happen, annoyed with myself I say if I knew that, It would not have happened LOL.

All I know is that I have a massive bump on my head, when I woke up next day the bump has gone but it still sore. Now hubby wont let me move unless his there at hand.
He brought me breakfast in bed, to be fair he has been doing that since I fractured my leg, and then he helps me to bathroom and going down the stairs, am getting quite good at sliding down the stairs, when I say sliding I really mean moving from step to step on my butt. But am still not very good with the bloody crutches, I just about manage to hop to the bathroom or the kitchen but not for very long, because I am putting all the wait on my arms they ache like hell.

Since I've broken my leg nothing much has changed, still hopping around or should say wobbling around....Have had my noose in a new book, I was enthralled from the beginning loving every word and every chapter so much that I don't have much of a memory about yesterday.
Except I got up, washed ate, Oh my babies popped in to make sure I was alright, and then just kept reading I could not put the book down thoroughly enjoyed every single word.

Yesterday I did not think much about the open fields in Essex way...

Monday, 12 September 2016

Broken bones

My day's are very much the same! I get up and hubby helps me downstairs, he gets me breakfast and then he spends best part of the morning, pottering in the garden I feel quite envious but at the same time I am wondering what am going to find when I am able to walk to the bottom of the garden....
I love my garden growing almost wild and he likes things small and manageable, so when plants grow tall or spread their wings he likes to chop them down, so now that I am incapacitated his free to chop to his heart content.....

Then Jennifer and my little darling arrive they come here most day's, and as soon little Jaylee gets here she wants to go in the garden, where she Follows Vovo around with her little watering can.
Today is just us!  Hubby Jennifer and my little darling, no one came visiting and Jennifer did not have to cook we were eating what was left from Mia's cook off. So we had time to chat and have tea.

Hubby had to go out so Jennifer stay's a little longer so that she can help me upstairs. Little Jaylee fell asleep on the sofa she had a full day in the garden, it was hard work looking after Vavo's plants, bless her. Jennifer sees that I have everything at hands reach and of she goes home.. Now here I am reading my book although am finding it a bit of a struggle, am half way and only now am getting into it...

Now am dreaming  of green fields covered in mist.......

Now its Sunday and 15 day's down the line. Mia will be coming round and we decide to do a barbeque, (((espetada Madeira style))) Steak on a skewer Mia's favorite, no bolo do caco though, perhaps next time when I can stand on my two feet.
It was a lovely sunny day so we were eating outdoors ... what a performance trying to get me outside I just could not hop high enough to get over the step, lol I had to seat down and then shuffle out and then they handed me the crutches so that I could hobble to the table.

Very exhausting specially using the crutches on shingle, but it was worth the effort to seat in the garden with the sun shining and the perfumed air that I had missed so much....

Friday, 9 September 2016

Broken bones

It has been thirteen days since I've broken my foot still hobbling around Hubby and the girls are doing a great job looking after me although the house is getting very dusty no one seems to know where the dusters are! Do you think I am feeling ungrateful after all they are looking after me well...

Anyway I get up with hubby's help get washed and dressed, eat my breakfast fresh fruit and yoghurt and my usual cup of coffee, then I get helped down the stairs, another saga with hubby giving instructions how to do it lol...I said to him that Jennifer when she got here was going to put washing on, but he say's I'll do it! And there I was in the kitchen on my crutches giving him instructions on how to put washing on, when Jennifer and my little darling arrived...

After saying hello Vavo! and seeing that the door to the garden was open she makes a dash for the garden and that's where she stay's for the best part of the day. She loves being in the garden following Vovo around and watering the pots with her little watering can, from time to time she comes to the door and say's that she has seen the frogs in the pond and keeps calling Mummy come in the garden, even at lunch time she picks her plate and say's, am eating in the garden bless her....
Some children love games and computers not little Jaylee she loves being out running around out in the open air a lot more healthier than being stuck in front of a box polluting their minds....

My Sister Elsa arrives with her son Nigel he walks in limping and I say oh no not another cripple!...Apparently he has a trapped nerve bless him it had been quite a while since I had seen him Unfortunally his marriage broke down and he now lives in Brighton with his new partner such a shame when this happens but that's life I suppose I wish him all the best....We all have a chat and a laugh to...  Jennifer makes sandwiches for everyone even for me, no salad for me today I said that I fancied one two.... thoroughly enjoyed it, its been 13 days since I had any carbs I even had a ring doughnut that Elsa brought naughty but nice.... It was lovely to have company..

Today is Mia's turn to cook for me even tough she was at work all day she wanted to do her bit, bless her! And since we have loads of courgette in garden getting to big she does her (((Ready Steady Cook))) Dinner.... I must say she has surprised me! it was delicious...Then she gets helps me upstairs gets me ready for bed bottle of water and all.... and of she goes to meet her friends today is cinema day. Am feeling loved...

Still missing my walks of course...But I have to be content just looking at my garden for which like Jaylee I l;ove...
My garden with blowsy Daytura

My Japanese maple corner

Bottom of the garden and another maple

my little darling