Monday, 31 December 2018

Walking the Essex way

My friend Paula and I have been walking in our surrounding countryside for over 20 years.
We have gone through five pairs of walking boots.
We are early birds and the best time for witnessing the countryside awakening and to see the seasons unfurl right before our eyes.
It has been an amazing journey, we have crawled through the undergrowth walked through brambles , nettles I have come home many a time scratched and stinging from the nettles , but always looking forward for the next walk or should I say the next adventure like my friend likes to call it.
We have taken so many pictures! So I thought that I'd share some, and take you down through the seasons and share my wonderful adventures.
Happy 2019 .


Monday, 10 December 2018

Walking the Essex way

December for me is a month of nostalgia! It takes me back to my childhood, my little house in Essex way is smelling just like the house of my early years, in my Madeira the house that I and my siblings grew up a house full of love and music and laughter my dear Dad made it all so magical.

The scent of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and black treacle permeates the air! Memories of a busy kitchen with Mama baking all the goodies for Christmas the broas ((ie)) cookies that everyone in the Island is also busy getting their cooking done. I remember Mama getting us children to roll little balls and placing them on trays ready to be baked.

Then came the cakes, Mama measuring the ingredients into a big basin, no electric mixer like I use, she had to do all of this baking by hand, once again the smell of baking and one can smell it for miles because every house in the neighbourhood was doing the same, baking for Christmas.
Now it is my turn and it gives me lots of pleasure to keep the tradition going, I know that my girls look forward to eating them and I always make sure that their cousins have their share too, they loved Vovo's cookies. But now its Tia Ana's cookies.

And that's just like my house feels at the moment like a past memory that I relieve every December, now that I have started my baking, first I start with Broas de mel ((Black treacle cookies))  then The butter cookies and a few others. My kitchen smells heavenly the smell of spices so heady, and that's how I remember Christmas I hope that my girls will think on, with the same fond memories.

Wishing you all a very happy December and I hope that you all have been very good because Father Christmas is taking requests at the moment, so place your order wisely.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Walking the Essexway

Yesterday was a very sad day! Our good friend Jose was buried. It was a sad moment but at the same time it was lovely to record the good times and to see old friends, Nick and Gerald whom I Love and have known since they were little boys did a great job their dad am sure would've been very proud.
My lovely sister Elsa bless her, lived and looked after Jo and she was so bereft at his going, we all have gathered her into our arms and will take great care of her.
I am very thankful that Jo's family have taken my sister to their hearts and hope they will continue to do so, she has a kind heart and she needs to be cherished! Of course, I am here for her but comes winter, like the birds I do migrate to warmer climates! she does have children and they do visit but unfortunately not as often as they should busy lives, of course, they have jobs and not leaving nearby does not help. Now that Elsa is driving again she can go visit her granddaughter Daniela and great-granddaughter Kiri I think that's what is going to keep her sane, although I do worry about her driving.
 Was hoping to go for a walk this morning but it is not going to happen God must be very sad we have tears. we have very grey skies looks like the rain is here to stay.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; Loving someone deeply gives you courage.

A few pics of our surrounding countryside of previous walks.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Walking the Essex way

I have been feeling a little blue for the past few days, but I have woken up feeling very positive.
Thank you, Paula, for the pep talk, you are right I have my girls and my little darling. My hubby and I are truly blessed.
Going walking through our beautiful countryside gives me that inner peace, I feel almost close to God.
The trees are undressing a leaf each second is flung at will and the spider web, that stays there dangling the rabbits running for cover the chirping up above, its truly a magical time of the year.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Walking the Essex way

Summer has been awesome and the garden did very well I even managed to grow my Portuguese Aboarinha, (((Courgettes))) and the grapes full bunches of juicy berries, sweet too!
My friend Paula and I have resumed our walks through the countryside already see signs of Autumn to come.
I have already started  preparing the garden for the winter getting plants cleaned up and set them aside to store for the winter, it is going to be quite a job trying to find places in my little greenhouse and wrapping them, The big Plants will be stored in the shed of course hubby will have a moan saying that i have too many plants bla bla...
Anyway am looking forward to Autumn the colours, I love spring but I think Autumn is my favourite. My friend and I walk the same footpaths through the seasons and we are always amazed at what we see Nature at its best, and the best part is we have it all right by our door, only have to walk down the street and there it is! our amazing countryside.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Walking the Essex way

I have a heavy heart! I just don't know what is happening to my once close family, since my lovely Sister Dulce passed away it all went apeshit! First, my elder sister decides that her family is her daughters and grandchildren and by all her thinking we are not part of her life anymore when asked why her answer is you have your family and I have mine, but I don't understand her reasoning I miss our get-togethers the laughter.
Was in the Homeland for the month of August and so was she, but I felt so sad knowing that she was only up the road, even her brother in law that was visiting the homeland also and staying with them thought it odd that when they were very near my house on one of their outings she did not make an effort or even mention my name how sad is that.
Now my other Sister whom I adore has a bee in her bonnet too. You see she writes, from the beginning I have been very supportive, but now she's going off me too always finding fault when, or if I forget to mention or make a comment on F/B of her poems come short stories, I always try to have a read and give a review when I see it. Last time we were talking on messenger and she mentions That she's editing and printing and because we were talking about other things in between so I forget to mention what she said at the start, we were talking about cooking our dinner's and so forth, then she says that she has to go to the kitchen and we say our goodbyes nothing wrong there, or so I thought! A few minutes later she comes back with,

(((((Why is it! When I say am editing and printing you say fuck all.... Have you joyned all the others.... No coments to be made!  You avoid talking about it!! Why's it that....Don't you think I'd like, to know what you think!! Everyone has joyned the band wagon!! Silence))))

I have always supported her and now she put my loyalty into question! None of the family read her stories and that is eating at her like an illness and I do feel for her! but I can only answer for me. And this is making me so sad and depressed. Oh why!! oh why!


Saturday, 28 July 2018

Walking the Essex way

Jully has been very hot, and according to the weather forecast, August is going to be just as hot.
When walking through the countryside one can see the wheat and the barely was quickly ripening much too early due to the lack of rain, and it's very unusual for the harvest to be this early, already the harvest has started the machinery are awesome, I just love to look at that expanse of gold. The heat has been intense reaching highs of 35centigrads or more the garden has been suffering somewhat.

The last time I remember temperatures like this were in June 1976 when I was expecting my first child, and I just cannot cope with all this heat. When one is young its lovely seating and catching the rays, and getting a deep tan I remember when going back to the old homeland my Island, my Madeira, the place where I was bourne that's what I used to do but now with inner heat as well I just find it difficult to cope with all this water that my body is producing.

Now we are going into August and once again I'll be going to the old homeland, unusual for me I tend to go in the winter when we have milder temperatures, I like to be here in the summer to tend to my garden and the few vegetables that I like to grow, but this year I and a few friends are meeting up in Madeira for a get together really looking forward to seeing them even though I'll be pouring water like a waterfall (((LOL))) I must be mad but hey ho it'll be worthed I hope!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Walking the Essex way

The heat has been unbearable my friend and I still do our walks early in the morning, it is always a little cooler when we start, we tend to meet up at 6am so that we can be back home by 9am.
Last week I was very unlucky would you believe it a dog bit me. lol and the owner did not even bat an eyelid he just called the dog and went on his way, even when my friend shouted at him that his dog had bitten me so that same day I end up at the Doctors for a Tetanus injection and a course of antibiotics.
Then two days later in my garden while watering my plants I get bitten once again, this time from a tinny little beetle, and yes once again the next day back at the Doctors with a swollen arm.
They say that these things happen in threes so now am waiting with bated breath for the next mishap.

I can't believe that I've agreed to go to the old Homeland in August for the whole month it's the height of the summer and I know am going to suffer from the heat what with my power surges and all, but it will be nice to see my friends from Canada and of course my cousin and her husband will be there too.....