Thursday, 28 September 2017

Portugal in Ericeira

I mentioned before that I had spent a couple of weeks visiting my big brother in Portugal, it had been at least 35 years since I had last visited....My lovely brother and his wife gave us a view of the country, places that I had not visited before!!!! Like Mafra, Ericeira and Sintra all very old and full of history... I have been reading about this quaint town of Ericeira....
Ericeira is so called due to the fact that there is lots of sea-urchins locally... Very ancient and although its origin is not really known it is thought to been visited by the Phoenicians and the said people could be their decedents....  The entire region was conquered after Lisbon was taken from the Moors.
In 1229 Dom Peres Fernao Rodrigues Monteiro master of the order of Avis granted Ericeira its first charter... Then king Dom Manuel I, gave the town to his son Dom Luis, who later bequeathed it to his son Dom Antonio do Crato...
So much history here in this small town! It was from here that the then Royal family embarked on their way to exile 5th of Oct in 1910

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Walking the Essex way

So after a couple of weeks in Portugal for a little get together with the family, I find myself back to the old routine! Although I don't see my little darling as often now that she's at school,  and am glad to say she's loving it.
As I said Hubby and I had a few day's in the old country we stayed at my big brothers house such a warm welcome I feel sorry that we left so long to visit! We were taken about to some lovely places and his family so lovely they took us to their hearts, love them to pieces....

Now I find myself once again walking the Essex way I must say the scenery is quite different but very pleasing to the eye, at least its a little cooler, am really looking forward to the changes!!! I just love Autumn...
Marina in Cascais

The family in Mafra

Mafra old Palace 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Walking the Essex way

The countryside is looking amazing, there is a feel that Autumn is on the way, the fungi is sprouting everywhere.... My friend and I have been walking the footpaths around our village for 20 years and it still holds the magic, the woods and the man made lakes full of wild life, amazing what one can see just by being out there in this amazing countryside.
The other day we got so excited when we spot three roe deer's in a middle of a field, and the time when we spotted a fox my first! I was surprised when I managed to take a photo, Oh! and the hare so close to us. I feel so lucky to see gods creation up close