Monday, 30 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

Have been listening to the news! Something that I never used to bother with! But now I feel inclined to watch and hear what is happening around the globe.
It is so scary this 21 century plague (((((man made of course)))) that is threatening to destroy humanity, Forget the wars that has been happening in the name of religion! This is much much worse it is a silent war against our health our family's....
So please do take heed and stay home to save the lives of us all, and of the selfless worker that is out there fighting the terrible disease so that we, and our family's are safe! They are putting their lives at risk too!
Do take care do you hear!!!
And stay home.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

Good morning my very sick world!
Now I am very very worried this terrible virus is really going rampant! Paula and I decided to keep our distance but walking on ones own is not much fun!

Missing you my dear friend our chats the laughter, walking with you is! was, always an adventure.
Now all I have been doing is just walk making sure I get the exercise done!

Even though the countryside is waking up the trees with their new buds, the hedges looking like a brides new gown, catching a glimpse of a skipping hare or the Roe deer always made me feel so happy to be there in the middle of our amazing countryside, having nature there for us all to enjoy! I always found great joy to be out walking feeling at one with nature!!!!

 But now I arrive back home with a heavy heart .
Do take care. 


Hawthorn flower

Follow the path

Friday, 27 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

It has been two weeks now! That hubby and I decided to stay home and isolate ourselves.
I have been out to get bits of food but not lingering, just getting the food shopping and straight home.
Now even the walking has to be on my own!
 My friend Paula and I decided that it was best to distance ourselves just in case!
Am missing my girls and my little darling so much, we do talk on the phone or messenger but am missing the hugs and the closeness..... One good thing though, the sun is shining and it makes it more bearable to be cooped up.
Hubby and I have been keeping ourselves busy working in the garden getting it ready for the summer.
I did go for my usual walk this morning albeit on my own, a little on the frosty side but with lovely blue skies.
Do take care out there.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

Have been back from the Homeland for two weeks now!!! All the talk about this terrible virus put a stop to it all!
It was wonderful to see family and friends but all I could think about am I safe? And how are my babies faring back at home in my beloved Essex. Now that am back home i find myself more or less in the same position albeit, my girls are a lot closer to me but am still not seeing them or cuddling them I feel so thorn my heart feels heavy!
Hubby and I have isolated our self's! Well he has, I still have popped round to the shop to do a bit of food shopping!
Thank goodness for the countryside being able to go for a walk with my friend Paula is keeping me sane, soon I'll start poting around in the garden getting the garden ready for the Sumner Keeping busy is key.
Take care outhere stay safe.
Virtual hug to you all.