Saturday, 13 June 2020

We are living in uncertain times.
Not everyday is a good day
But we have to live anyway.
Not everyone tells the truth
Thrust anyway
Not everyone will love you back
So love anyway.
Not every game will be fair
But one must play anyway.

One must believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Walking the Essex way during lockdown

We have been in lockdown since our arrival in our little corner of Essex from the Homeland in early March. Perhaps we should've stayed there in my Island in the middle of the Atlantic!! Madeira has had a few infections but no one has died so perhaps we made a mistake coming back home to Essex, but then I would've been to far away from my girls so we made the best decision for us.
 It has been a struggle I miss my girls and my little darling, although now we are able to get together as long we keep two meters apart I feel that am missing on cuddles and to feel my arms around my girls that is what am missing the most the closeness.

My eldest daughter is finding it very hard to be stuck at home and having to school her daughter, she misses visiting us and seing her friends like everyone else I know! My  granddaughter she's such a live wire, full of life and her favorite past time is playing outside she loves kicking a ball around. being stuck indoors is a nightmare for them both. Lucky for them her husband went back to work three weeks into the lockdown it probably saved their marriage.
I am worried what all of this is doing to their mental health.

Then my other daughter has been in lockedown with her boyfriend to start with they were ok! But it goes to show that to watch to much news can harm your train of thought! Reality becomes unfocused  in the end one dosn't know whom or what you believe....I can see that my daughter is under stress because her boyfriend has been reading about this conspiracy,
 that the goverment is trying to kill us all with this vaccine that has not yet been made! He does not believe in vaccines and its making my daughter depressed having to hear him going on about all of that crap

Being a mother is not easy even though my girls are grown women I still worry about how they are. When I phone them I can hear by the tone of their voices how they are feeling and my heart sinks! Leaving me spent with frustration knowing that I cannot solve their problems.
I remember my mother telling us that no mater how old you are that a mother always will worry about their children grown or otherwise, and boy was she right.

What is keeping me sane is to be able to walk through the countryside.
Keep safe.