Friday, 23 April 2021


 Walking through the countryside at this time of the year you sure to find the much hated sun-like flower  the dandelion. Gardner's hate the so called weed but at this time of the year when not much is growing this double headed flower brightens the countryside like a beacon of sunlight.

Remember as a child picking the seed heads and blowing to the wind and watching the parachute like, little seeds being carried by the wind so helping the plant to disperse its seeds.

Wild flowers are just as beautiful as the plants that one plants in the garden and they have benefits too! Like the leaves when young can be eaten in salads they have a high content in vitamin A and C. Also in the old days dandelion drinks and broths were recommended for a variety of ailments, from jaundice to consumption, also have read that wine can be made from the florets, and the roots when dried and ground could be used as a coffee substitute.

A weed!  yes.... but so much more and its does not damage your loan  just feeds it