Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Walking the Essex way

Wet! wet! Walking? Don't think so!

Don't fancy getting my feet wet! Got holes in me boots again LOL.

I bought a pair of hiking boots at a mountain shop in Freeport a couple of years ago, paid 89 pounds I thought it was a bit pricey and since it was leather or so I thought, it was worth the money and even though i kept it waxed and polished it did not help within a year it started peeling and eventually water started seeping in, so now I find that I need to buy myself another pair of walking boots.

 Well for sure I won't be going to the same shop.
Oh well wellington boots will be for the time being anyway.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Walking the Essex way. Christmas memories

Good morning World!
Hope this day will be full of happiness to you all.
We are going towards Christmas and it means lots of preparation for the one day of the year when we gather together with the family, exchange tokens,eat and be merry!!!
I have started my baking and it already smells like Christmas, I hate the shopping side the crowds! But I do love being in the kitchen measuring and making all the goodies that my family and friends love, it takes me back to the Island and the old Homestead!
Building the Christmas Grotto and the scent of spices permeating through the house, us children seating at the kitchen table rolling little balls of dough.
And before you know it! Christmas day has arrived, all the excitement and of course hopping that Father Christmas has found our house....
Then breakfast is served! Bread rolls with ham and cheese hot chocolate too! Papa used to cut oranges in segments from our own trees and offered to each one of us it was so special that I like to keep the tradition going in memory of Papa.
And then lunch! Marinated leg of pork in red wine, bayleaf and garlic. Then cooked on a bed of onion and tomato. Once again I can smell the aromas coming from the kitchen! Yes that's just how my house smells on Christmas day.
I like to keep the tradition going.
I hope I have not bored you all my friends with my nostalgic memories.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Walking the Essex way

Me thinks that Christmas is truly on its way. Just bottled my Cherry liqueur and made my first batch of cookies! The house smells lovely just like my childhood house with Mama baking the cookies (((broas))) I just love this time of the year.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Walking the Essex way

OMG! What a night feeling absolutely waked! I have climbed a mountain 
I have walked for miles first I was back in the Homeland my Island where I grew up, walking to the highest peek! Confused? Yes me too!

I have done that walk in my twenties not sure if I could do it these day's!
Then I find myself back in my little corner of Essex way walking through the countryside,and what an amazing walk! The colors so vibrant Autumn my favorite season, the trees and hedges looking awesome.

Then find myself on the move again, am walking and its very cold all this snow! where am I?
Am shivering I cannot find my way out, am in a freezing tunnel I start panicking then I see a light I start walking but not getting any closer am so tired! Then I wake up! Thank goodness it was all a dream.......

Sunday, 17 November 2019

My home at walking the Essex way

Sunday is family day.
My girls are coming for lunch, well I mean Jennifer her husband Ian and my little darling Jaylee.
Miacarla and her bow is away for the weekend. Must not forget my Sis she's here too.
I haven't been able to entertain of late, since we started this building lark it'll be nice when it's all finished of course the extra rooms will be lovely specially the bathroom but it has been very stressful the shower room took longer to sort out than the actual build.
But that light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer.
In the mean time hubby is working in the garden rebuilding the lean to and soon we'll be able to replace the garden furniture under cover. Then that only leaves the garden to be sorted but that'll have to wait until the spring.
So today's lunch is a well deserved distraction from all of the upheaval of the past couple months.
Hopefully my next post will all be finished fingers crossed!!!! 
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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Walking the Essex way

Good morning I wish! It's raining so no walking for us today yes, I know it is winter when we get rain, frosts, snow and all that!
But please not yet we are still under construction and hubby still working outside trying to rebuild the patio, so lets hope that he finishes it before winter settles in good and proper.
I am hopping that this week will be the end of all the worry wondering if this week it all be finished and done with, its taking longer to finish the shower room than it did to have all the building done!
Fingers crossed that this week will see the end of the tunnel.
Have a good day.
some pics from yesterday's walk.

Walking the Essex way

Had a good nights sleeps but woken up with a fuzzy head, I think I have been grinding my teeth again! Yesterday paid a visit to my dentist for a check up and he asked me if I had been grinding my teeth?
I never thought that the reason I wake up some days with a fuzzy head and too early, could be due to all that work that I do during the night like clenching my jaw so hard that I am wearing my teeth out.
At least today I have woken up at a reasonable time six o’clock. 
Yes much better now waiting for day light so that I can meet up with my friend for our usual walk pending on the weather of course!
Now that the winter has set in with the rain and the ice we tend to have fewer weekly walks there was a time when we walked in all weathers at times getting drenched we arrived back home so cold that my skin felt lumpy and frozen, but at the same time one felt so invigorating being out there as one with nature.


Sunday, 10 November 2019

Walking the Essex way

Well looks like its going to be a long day! Woken up at 3 not going walking because the skies are weeping, hubby in bed asleep, already on my second cup of coffee won't be long and I'll be climbing the walls....Lucky for me I have a great friend that I can go visiting she very kind agreed to help me sort out the settings on my blog.
Have a lovely day
Hugs from Essex way
Pics from Friday's walk.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Walking the Essex way

Good morning my World looks like we are going to have a wet day!
Another walk that is not going to happen, yesterday after a week of not walking it was lovely to be out and about with my friend.
The leaf fall and colors, are breathtaking walking through the park with a tricolor of colors crunching under foot the sound of Autumn, the floating leaves as they fall to the ground laying a colorful carpet at our feet....
Walking through the woods kicking the leaves listening for that crunch as we walk and one must not forget the sunrise at the lake, lovely swans swimming and the sun reflecting in the water its all so magical specially at the early hours of the morning everything looks shining like someone overnight painted it all with a little magic.
Take care my friends
Have a lovely day