Sunday, 24 March 2019

Walking in Madiera

Have been back from the homeland a few days now with a bad foot.
Am itching to go walking but thought I better be sensible and rest my foot. So after resting for a full week it still not quite right but the countryside is beckoning me,and I will be walking still limping. Yes with a limp, I must see how it goes. Spring is unfolding and I must be there to witness Gods creation at its best.
My homeland is beautiful but my little corner of Essex is just as beautiful! And I really love the countryside i missed my walks, walking through the woods the bird song, at times its like walking though an enchanted wood! LOL am I being to fanciful or dramatic? Perhaps! But that is how I feel.
Oh well since I have not been out with my camera i'll share some pics from my Madeira.
Photos taken up in the mountains at Levada walks.