Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Walking the Icelandic way

My daughter and I just got back from an amazing visit to Iceland. For a small Island< Iceland is really quite big! With its precipitous fjords, impassable mountain passes,tracks along the edge of rocky cliffs far-flung fishing villages, barren beaches with gritty black sand it reminded me so much of my Island also Volcanic, minus the snow and the bitter cold and bearing in mind that my Island has not had a live Volcano for many centuries.

Iceland just like my Madeira looks like a lonely little Island in the middle of the north Atlantic Ocean.... This great Island is graced with the most diverse landscape of mighty waterfalls,majestic glaciers, mountains fertile valleys, lets not forget active volcanoes, in fact the only thing small is its population consists of a mere 330.000

Its a country of extremes our tour guide was very good and with a very good sense of humor, with his stories of the volcano Hekla,  Which was once thought to be the entrance to hell. Other volcanoes like  Katia situated on Myrdalsjokull, and Eyjafjallajokull the great disrupter  of air traffic... Very hard names to pronounce I had to look it up myself! No wonder when the news broke out about the air pollution that stopped the air traffic the news readers across the world could not pronounce it. Even now the Icelanders talk about it with great merriment.

Aurora-Northern lights

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Walking the Purbecks way

Got back from visiting Sis and her family in Poole Dorset! Of course I had to drive, so glad that Sis Elsa came with me, don't think I would've driven all that way on my own.
The drive was pleasant enough on the M25 the traffic was a little slow at times but in all it was quite good. Arrived at Sis Connie's,and as usual its quite emotional a lot of hugging and laughing we feel so happy for this get together, we don't see much of each other since we both live on opposites sides of the country of course we keep in touch by phone or the internet, (((bless the internet))) 

Very lucky with the weather too! we were able to get about without getting wet or being blown about.I love Dorset with its hills and the walks by the sea wall...On Friday  my Sisters  and brother-in-law Nicholas go for a meander to Poole quay,lovely day! Love it there with all the moored boats a very busy place, then home  for more chat and a few more laughs.

On Saturday another outing this time to Sandbanks for a walk on the promenade once again beautiful day quite warm too! So we decide to have lunch there seating outside just taking it easy and enjoying the scenery, Sis Elsa has problems with her back but she did very well she walked quite a distance and thank goodness we did not have to carry her..
On Sunday we go for a trek on the Purbecks. This time Sis Elsa had to be left behind it would've been too much for her, such a shame she used to love  the walks. So we arrive at Lolworth and it starts raining so Sis Connie starts moaning that if it rains she wont be going on the walk....Mark Connie's son, was feeling a little cold but he was holding his council bless him of course Nicholas and I are more than willing to carry on, so we wait for a bit and the rain stops...I get my wish! So  we set off across the pebble beach and up some steps, then across the footpath to the Jurassic Coast so magical, I loved every step of the way least to say we had sun for the best part of the day.