Saturday, 8 February 2020

My Madeira

A few more days and my little darling will be here with us, have missed you all!
Two months is a long time to be away from my girls although it is nice to be back in the Homeland  the weather has been a little to hot for my liking, we come to Madeira in the supposedly winter months because I like the cooler temperatures but not this time we have had sun non stop for Feb its been 26 for me its a little too hot but hubby is lapping it up he loves going to the beach as soon the sun is up he is there! Well I like the shade and a good book amd am happy.
I do miss my little house in Essex way and the walks through the countryside but soon I'll be back and once again roaming the footpaths of Essex.
I must say I have had a few walks here and the Levadas are amazing with great views too!
But I still miss my Essex my girls my family and my friends but soon soon.

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