Friday, 6 September 2019

Good day my World family and friends.
Woke up with achy joints I feel that I need a long walk but the incentive to do so is my friend Paula, she has gone and got a massive blister on her heel.
We have been walking the footpaths of Essex way through all weathers, we have seen the changes of the seasons,
We have walked through muddy fields with our boots heavy with the mud that we collect along the way, walked through brambles always with Paula in front beating a path and snipping the encroaching brambles so that the next walk we wont get scratched. Our walks even though we walk quite often the same routs but always feels somewhat new. The countryside is always changing, the hedges are either in flower or covered in berries....When we spot a deer or Muntjack we get so excited and the hare's running and chasing each other and taking off as they spot us..... I think my favorite season is Autumn am looking forward to the array of colors that is Autumn.....

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