Sunday, 1 November 2015


I am fourteen years old and no shortage of boyfriends, of course if my parents found out I would be in the dog house....I remember when my eldest sister came on one of her visits from England it was just before Christmas and we all went to the church in the early morning, its called(( missa do parto)) its like the advent calendar instead of eating chocolate we went to church... Anyway on way home we were followed by this man on his bike and my sister being the eldest we thought he was following her, but then we found out he was following me, and would you believe it! he was a widower and me only fourteen years old.... LOL.
Now I have three sisters in England and of course I couldn't wait to come to, but of course I was to young.... Then at the age of sixteen we loose our wonderful Dad to a stroke, what a nightmare that was, we were all lost, even  my Mum who was a strong women did not know how she was going to cope! Of course my sisters helped with money, but by now they had married and had their life expenses too. So after two years of begging them to send for me, it happened, and I am to go at long last to England so that I'd be able to help Mum.
So its a mad rush to get some new clothing together so off I go to the dressmaker to be measured for a coat and some other items of clothing, I was on cloud heaven.... So Mum bless her was left with my eldest brother Luis sister Dulce  and my two little brothers Silvio and Rui....

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