Thursday, 26 November 2015


So baby is here and I learn how to be a mother, very scary to hold that little bundle, so small had no one to help if  needed, but I did learn and managed to get along.

So I was a stay at home Mum looked after the house and baby while Hubby went out to work, one day needed to do washing and since we had no washing machine as yet had to go to the launderette next door to the house, baby was asleep so I thought all I had to do was put washing on and come home, imagine my shock when I arrived at my door and realized that I had left the key inside, panic or what, I run all the way to Hubby's work lucky for me was only down the road by the time I got there I was in tears, took me a while to explain to the security chap at the door why I was there.

After that scare the next item we buy is a washing machine.... no more lock outs thank goodness, I make friends with other Mums so we take our children to playgroup and sometimes go for coffee in each other houses it was really nice to have someone to talk since Hubby was always at work bless him.... sometimes I used to walk up to Maldon to visit Jennifer's Godmother lovely lady, and do a little shopping, not easy going up Market hill with a pram was to much of a performance to take the bus, big shopping was done on Hubby's day off.

Some days Baby Jennifer just wont settle so I put her in the pram and go for a walk, when she falls asleep I turn round and come home, as soon I come through the door she wakes up.
Still I did get through and she's growing into a lovely little girl.

Then I start thinking that another baby would be a good idea, so we start planning for another baby, or should I say I started, because  Hubby wasn't keen on the idea bless him.
And the it happened I was pregnant number two baby was on the was.....Feeling very blessed.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ana - those early days of no car, big prams and dealing with washing ... we had a basic washing machine when I was born ... but we needed the wringer. Good to read and to see the three of you ... and now number two of 'its' way .. cheers Hilary