Tuesday, 3 November 2015


1971 after the honeymoon. Its time for work and reality.
Hubby finds us a live in job in a Motel he would be working as a waiter and I as chambermaid, least to say hated every single moment of it.... So hubby bless him decided that we would find another job and e would train me as a waitress, I must say it was a lot easier those days to find work in those days.

So we end up in Maldon Essex, at the (((Blue Boar hotel))) and my training starts doing silver service and cooking at the table, like flambe's..... I must say liked that a lot better, so that's how my life was for the first five years of my married life, (((although we did not stay and worked at this hotel for the say five years)))

 We decide to go to our island for a holiday to visit the family, but instead of the normal 1 to 2weeks we go for three months of course we had to leave the hotel that we worked at... So Madeira was our home for the next three months and that consisted of going to the beach sunbaking and clubbing, how dark we did get, I must say this days I cannot cope with that kind of heat.
So after this rest we got bored and decided it was time to come home, and find another job. So off we go to the employment agency and another job was found

And would you believe it we find a job in Essex again this time in Feering at the old Anchor, hubby worked in the restaurant and I in the cocktail bar..... Must say liked that a lot better.
we worked there quite happily for a while, then we decide to go on holiday of course our holidays were a little bit over the top so we leave another job, and off we go to Madeira for another holiday for more sun and fun......
So we are back once again in English soil and would you believe we are back at the old Anchor in Feering!
We were very lucky to have our job back after all we were away for two months it was a good place to work, really liked there we got on quite well with the management and the customers were quite nice too. Our friend Victor thought hubby to play golf, so after lunch off they went to the golf club I think hubby really liked that.

Once again its time for another holiday and off we go, of course as usual we leave the job.
After three months we come back to another job this time in Hatfield Heath and still in Essex, Nice people the owners so we settled in and after only three months, we get news that ((Luis)) hubby's Dad has died of a hart attack. So with a heavy hart once again we are in Madeira this time with a lot of sadness.... Father in law had a bar so hubby decides that his going to work there on his Dads bar, but that doesn't last long after five months he decides that his not happy doing just that, and its time to come back home, So it gets handed over to hubby's uncle, so now we are free to leave knowing that the family's business was in good hands..

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