Monday, 23 April 2018

Walking the Essex way

At long last the weather is warming slowly I must say! we had a few days with scorching temperatures, my friend and I decided that we did not need jackets, so on Monday, we set off to the woods minus jackets, big mistake halfway to the woods we were shivering lol what happened to that lovely weather. But it was worth the discomfort the woods looked lovely with the bluebells in between trees and the birdsong it certainly made one feel warm.

As we walk along looking in the undergrowth hoping to find the early purple orchids, so after a while looking, my friend calls to me, Ana I found one come and look! and there it was, a lovely purple orchid we kept looking and found a few more, now we can go home happy. Now I know how the Victorian plant hunters felt. It is so exciting roaming through the woods and finding these exquisite wildflowers we do live in a charmed and amazing world...
Hawthorn blossom


wheat field




Early purple orchid

Early purple orchid

Wood anemone

Dog violet

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