Friday, 27 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

It has been two weeks now! That hubby and I decided to stay home and isolate ourselves.
I have been out to get bits of food but not lingering, just getting the food shopping and straight home.
Now even the walking has to be on my own!
 My friend Paula and I decided that it was best to distance ourselves just in case!
Am missing my girls and my little darling so much, we do talk on the phone or messenger but am missing the hugs and the closeness..... One good thing though, the sun is shining and it makes it more bearable to be cooped up.
Hubby and I have been keeping ourselves busy working in the garden getting it ready for the summer.
I did go for my usual walk this morning albeit on my own, a little on the frosty side but with lovely blue skies.
Do take care out there.

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