Thursday, 19 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

Have been back from the Homeland for two weeks now!!! All the talk about this terrible virus put a stop to it all!
It was wonderful to see family and friends but all I could think about am I safe? And how are my babies faring back at home in my beloved Essex. Now that am back home i find myself more or less in the same position albeit, my girls are a lot closer to me but am still not seeing them or cuddling them I feel so thorn my heart feels heavy!
Hubby and I have isolated our self's! Well he has, I still have popped round to the shop to do a bit of food shopping!
Thank goodness for the countryside being able to go for a walk with my friend Paula is keeping me sane, soon I'll start poting around in the garden getting the garden ready for the Sumner Keeping busy is key.
Take care outhere stay safe.
Virtual hug to you all.

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Paula RC said...

Hopefully we can walk next week.