Sunday, 29 March 2020

Walking the Essex way

Good morning my very sick world!
Now I am very very worried this terrible virus is really going rampant! Paula and I decided to keep our distance but walking on ones own is not much fun!

Missing you my dear friend our chats the laughter, walking with you is! was, always an adventure.
Now all I have been doing is just walk making sure I get the exercise done!

Even though the countryside is waking up the trees with their new buds, the hedges looking like a brides new gown, catching a glimpse of a skipping hare or the Roe deer always made me feel so happy to be there in the middle of our amazing countryside, having nature there for us all to enjoy! I always found great joy to be out walking feeling at one with nature!!!!

 But now I arrive back home with a heavy heart .
Do take care. 


Hawthorn flower

Follow the path

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