Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Life goes on with the second baby on the way, this time I am taking better care of myself, with the first baby I had put on to much weight so this time I was going to make sure I did not get to look such a porker.

And the day arrives water breaks its eleven at night and on my own again, the same scenario phone Hubby at work wait for him to arrive and panting with contractions  get packed in the car and off to the hospital this time it only took three hours of labour  and another little girl was born weighing six pounds one once we named her Miacarla, she was such a good baby always thought that she was sleeping to much, nothing like her sister she never slept enough.

So now I had two children and Hubby worked to keep us three girls...... Money was tight so on the nights that he was home, I found myself a part time job in a hotel down the road from us working as a barmaid two evenings a week, that's where I met and become really good friends with Carol Sparks
she was such a character full of fun.

We started meeting up for coffee at each others house she had a little girl Erica, and while we chatted our children played in the garden.... One day she said Ana do you want to go apple picking they are asking for apple pickers at the orchards down the road so off we go and get ourselves a job picking apples it was hard work but we had quite a laugh too.

While we worked our children run up and down playing, and being middle of September sometimes it rained so we used to come home all muddy but the children loved it they used to jump in the puddles
and sing mud mud glorious mud.... One day when we arrived at the orchards Carol said to me I don't know how but I forgot that we are going away for a weeks holiday so next week I won't be able to come.

The following week I arrive and Mr Hastings he was the foreman, we used to call him Sargent Major because he used to shout at the top of his voice at us when we were chattering to much, he asked me where Mrs sparks was, and I replayed that she had gone on a weeks holiday so he says tell her not to bother coming back, when I told Carol what he said she was speechless but I could see his point.

 So next season we find ourselves another picking job this time it was sweet corn but because we had children we did not go on the fields our jobs was in the barns packing them in boxes, we were allowed to take home the under developed ones never ate so much sweet corn, gave them to family and froze some too.....

So September arrives and off I go apple picking again, this time on my own having lost my side kick Carol and minus Jennifer she had started school at Saint Francis in Maldon so after dropping her at school off I go to work with Miacarla when it rained I used to put up hubby's golf umbrella wedged be twin the apple trees and she used to play with her cindy dolls quite happily.....


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ana - interesting piece jobs you had - good for you for doing that extra for the family ... cheers Hilary

ana said...

Yes I used to say it was my pin money....