Sunday, 13 December 2015


Christmas over and the new year brings more of the same hubby working two jobs and I doing my  job of two evenings a week, in the day time my new friend Carole got together for a coffee and a chat, sometimes we used to pack a hamper and take the children to the park sometimes to the seaside it was lovely to have someone that liked to have a good laugh.

Carole was like me always giggling anything used to set us of, like the time when we were working on barn packing the sweet corn the girls were playing and Erica tripped over Mia and went flying in such a way, it looked so funny that she started laughing and that set me off too I still cringe now remembering the looks of the other women, but it did look so funny.

One day some friends came visiting with the news that they were selling up and moving back to the homeland so hubby started twitching, I think he would love to go to but I wasn't keen on the idea I loved my life here I had made friends and felt that my life was here I really felt at home here....
Going to Madeira was lovely and I really liked going there for holiday and that was it holiday.....

Life was very good the girls were healthy and at school and I still did seasonal work, I think I tried most seasonal jobs apple picking grape, strawberries  but only lasted a week my back gave up lol
 Then the following Christmas back to the turkey plucking, well one cannot be choosy even though that was one of my least favorite  jobs I went back after all the girls needed their Christmas presents.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ana - laughing when people fall is just a common reaction ... strange, but true - and I can quite visualise it! You did well working so many jobs ... I suspect Madeira works well as a holiday, rather than living'd be fairly restrictive, compared to the UK. Cheers Hilary