Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Walking the Essex Way

Paula and I been walking round our beautiful  countryside for nearly twenty years, come rain or shine within reason of course, if its pouring we tend not to.
My goodness remember a time we were walking round this field, and it was blowing a gale we were laughing it felt so exhilarating to be out there in the elements, but after a wile of walking and being buffeted by the wind I shout to Paula I have had enough I want to go home now.

Another time and this is early summer walking along an overgrown area  as we were walking through, being stung by nettles scratched by brambles and I say Paula don't think we should go this way, and she says just think of this as an adventure its quite funny when I think about it now.

So we roam the countryside and at times come home with apples that we find in forgotten orchards Damsons, cherries, and of course blackberries, then a lot of time is spent in the kitchen preserving all of this goodness from our wild larder. Its amazing how much food is out there going to waste.

We, Paula and I share our photos on face book and in our village we have a page called Silver End appreciation society, when we put our pictures up the comments start pouring in where is this, and where is that, I must Say Paula and I don't always keep to the footpaths although we try not to stray to far from the allowed path.

No wonder they call Essex Constable country, its so beautiful the lakes the meadows.
We always go on our walks very early in the morning when everything is fresh and crisp, in the summer I know you probably think we are mad but we meet up at six in the morning or soon after, and this time of the year we meet at seven thirty just before eight anyway, when it starts getting light. Am writing this wile waiting to go on another walk...


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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ana - it's a lovely part of the world - one I don't know that well ... but you're giving us some ideas and reminding us Essex is Constable country, as Dedham Vale falls into both Suffolk and Essex. Lovely wildlife ... cheers Hilary