Thursday, 1 September 2016

Broken bones

On the 26th of August walking through my sitting I go and slip  and crush with a great big thud on my bum with my foot trapped under me, my Daughter jumps up to help I was so winded that I could hardly speak....

Should've gone to A&E but thinking it was only a sprain I did not, but after a restless night Hubbie made me go to hospital, where after an xray was told that I had broken my ankle, and now am in plaster and feeling useless.

Hade a barbecue planed for the 28th, I phone my brother and told him if he doesn't mind helping that they still should come up, on a time like this I needed people around me....they come up on Sat and what a great help they were! Rui and his wife Salvina Baked an orange drizzle cake from one of my recipe's and marinated the meats for next day....

On Sunday again they did most of the work bless them....then my sister arrives and she also gave a helping hand, when the rest of my family arrived everything was ready to go....Am so glad that I had not canceled..... its on situations like this when one needs the family around, I felt loved and cared for.

On Monday day 3 Hubby is looking after me, he makes me breakfast of fruit and natural yoghurt, then he helps me get washed and dressed. Coming down stairs was a very funny affair leg in front of me and bumming step by step a lot easier than going back up in the evening, what a struggle that was! I feel so weak no strength in my arms so that I could heave myself up but I did it with my husband behind me shouting instructions on how I should be doing it, Quite comical really.... in the end I shouted back that I was the one with the broken ankle and that I was the one feeling the pain. lol!!!!

Day 4 not much change from yesterday, still crippled!!!!! Had a shower lol what a performance!!!! With hubby's help I hop in the bath...did I say hop ahah that's a joke! What really happened was I seat in the bath with my good leg over and then hubby lifts my plastered leg over and that's when I hop to the window sill which is just above the bath, what a nightmarish event.....But I get washed without falling>>>>> of course hubby had to help.

Breakfast  was coffee and a banana, going to see if I keep of carbohydrates while I am incapacitated, since am not doing my walks its only day four and am already finding it very hard not being able to go walking or gardening am missing my chats with my friend Paula and the countryside!!! Paula popped round with a bag full of books bless her at least I'll be excising my brain, if not my legs...Have I mention that my girls have been making sure that am ok! well Jennifer cooked our diner on Tuesday roast pork with caulycheese and green beans, on Wednesday fish pie...

.And on Thursday
Missing walking by

 Mia came over and did her ready steady cook.... That's what she called it... quite funny really she phoned to ask if she needed to buy anything so that she could cook the dinner, I said no Daddy had gone to get vegs and he had taken from the freezer pork steaks, and she say's! So what am I cooking then? And then she say's oh you give me a bag of goods and i'll do ready steady cook and see what I come up with....I must say she done herself proud...She done the pork in a lovely mushroom sauce with beans carrots and broccoli (((delicious)))


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ana - it will take a long time ... I'm afraid: but slow and sure is good. Take care and all the best - Hilary

ana said...

Thank you Hilary!! I am hopping that i'll be on my feet by the 11th of October we are flying to the old homeland...Take care Ana.