Thursday, 29 September 2016

Broken bones

Not a good start to the day! Hubby gets breakfast, finished my cereal and reach for the coffee and then I drop the dame thing all over me and the bed, was not a happy bunny.
What a performance, bed gets stripped everything had to be washed even the quilt was so annoyed with myself.

Later in the morning Jennifer arrives with my little darling really missed her, had been five day's since last time she was here. but she did not want to come in the house she'd rather be in the garden with Vovo, once there its hard work to get her indoors.
Mia came round too... Today no time to get bored had all the family here, we all had lunch together and a lot of laughter, that's another day over, one more day closer to get cast removed.

No mishaps today, managed to have my coffee without any spillage we have another sunny day, not that it did me any good am still stuck indoors, but at least my little darling came to visit me she's a ray of sunshine bless her, also my sister Elsa popped in, plenty distractions today did not have time to get bored....Jennifer helped me to prepare soup for my dinner, had a few courgettes from the garden and a few bit of vegetables left in the fridge, ended up with a lovely cream of vegetable soup really tasty. Now everyone has gone home! Had my bowl of soup now am back reading my book.

Still dreaming of footpaths in Essex way.

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