Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Broken bones

Had a so,so night, its not easy sleeping with your leg up; but I did sleep a little better than the day before, still woke up to early this time it was 4am better than 2 I suppose.
So here I am waiting for Hubby to wake up reading my book and post a little on face book and my blog. Eventually he wakes up and by now its 830 am sure he had a better sleep in the spare room.

He helps me to get a wash and brings me breakfast....So now I have been fed and watered on Weetabix and coffee, and am back seating with my leg elevated and reading my book am doing well, so long I don't put my foot on the floor I'll be fine, I still feel twinges but its bearable don't really need to take painkillers anymore. Jennifer and little jaylee will be arriving soon to keep me company. Jennifer is cooking dinner for me one of her signature dishes  (((Chilli-con-carne))) I wont starve that's for sure....I have decided to cut carbohydrates from my diet while I am unable to walk, therefore not burning any calories although I will miss my pasta...

I cannot afford to put on anymore weight than I already have since I packed up smoking over two years ago, as hubby keeps telling me, you are to big he says.... that's why I have trouble heaving myself up the stairs, he is right I know....So know its salads vegetables a little meat or fish and fruit.
By now the cast is feeling very loose and it hurts when I stand on my crutches it scraps on my ankle, I phone the fracture clinic and they make an appointment  for me to go there on Monday. They informed me that it takes forty eight hours for the cast to harden and that was the day before that I had it done which was on Saturday, so I stay upstairs the whole weekend...I have been so bored can't even look at my garden lol..

I am a little worried we are going to the old homeland in October and it'll take five weeks for the cast to come off which will just a few day's before we fly out, am wondering how am going to cope Madeira is not easy terrain to walk with its inclines, one thing is for sure I wouldn't be able to do my walks which I love, but I have to wait and see.. So am here seating on my bed propped up with cushions with my leg up having lunch smoked mackerel salad with little Jaylee seating next to me eating bread with peanut butter.

My Sister Elsa popes in and keeps me company and she offers to come round on Sunday to help out... But with the girls coming over and now my sister, so I said thank you, but Luis would want to be the one helping at least on the Sunday I think he was feeling pushed out with the girls making a fuss of me and my sister now...It was quite funny on Saturday Mia had left a bell by my bed so that I could call for help is it was needed....Hubby was downstairs preparing my breakfast and I needed his help so I rung the bell and he goes oh! what is that? you think you calling the servants and we both fell about laughing it was so funny glad that he could see the funny side......

Missing my walks and my talks with my friend Paula we always had a good walk and a laugh out in the footpaths of Essex way
Lake by gravel pit

footpath by the lake

Gelder and gatekeeper

Gelder rose

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