Friday, 23 September 2016

Broken bones

22 day's or is it 23 day's !!! I think am losing track of time LOL I feel that am missing something...Like not to be able to walk through the fields and the lakes of Essex way.

A time of the year when the hedges and the trees start changing color, and I miss my friend and our chats, I have been doing well with my reading....Am reading such a variety of books, some not my usual genre, I have surprised myself am really enjoying the change.

Had a bad night, woke up with a very painful leg, had to take painkillers I think its lack of exercise and the muscle is letting me know that it needs to move but its going to be a while yet me thinks. Looking forward to the 5th of October when this contraption is removed from my leg...

I think I
Think too

Time seems to go so slow I have read so many books that I feel all the words racing in my head. I used to be a romance and family saga's reader, but since I broken my leg my friend brought me a variety of books so now my reading  has evolved into all sorts lets say that now I am into crime, or anything I can lay my hands on and am really enjoying the change. Some books I just cannot put down..

This week has been very quiet I have not seen my little darling,
and I won't  see her until Thursday.
Mia popped in bless her she wasn't feeling very well. She's on a weeks holiday and she wasn't very happy she said,  typical I go on a weeks holiday and I get sick. hope she gets better she's going to a convention for the weekend...

My friend Paula will be popping in later on, I really have missed our chats while walking, It'll be nice to have someone to talk other than Hubby, cannot complain to much he has been looking after me well, but he still cannot find a duster, my house needs a good dusting. LOL.
Today is going to be a good day, I won't do much reading but I think my brain could do with a rest, so that it can put all the words in order that is floating around in my head .....

Am still missing the fields at Essex way

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