Monday, 19 September 2016

Broken bones

!9 day's and the day starts with a lovely surprise!
My friend Paula new short story along with others in an anthology  (((The best of Café Lit))) was posted through my letter pox, Thank you Paula! really looking forward to reading it.

Another hot day, not bad for September, its a shame that I am stuck and not able to be out there enjoying and walking through the countryside, I have been making sure that I follow the advice of keeping my leg raised so that it heels quickly for when we fly to the old Homeland in a couple of weeks time, I won't be able walk on the Levadas that will be hard for me. But I am hopping that I'll be able to do short little walks fingers crossed.

Looking forward to the visit to my Madeira as a child my Dad used to tell us that we were very lucky to live in a little corner of paradise. Every time I come to my Island and visit the old homestead wish the family still owns... I remember his words like an echo as if I can still hear his voice, I do miss my childhood and my siblings...

Looking back we were indeed very lucky and fortunate to have had such an Idyllic upbringing and such loving parents in our little corner of paradise...

Now counting the day's until I can walk through the footpaths of Essex Way

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